Capture Photos and Scan Documents

The WaiverFile App can capture photos of the person signing their waiver form as well as scan documents using either the front or rear camera. Capturing photos helps you ensure the validity of waiver agreements, making it so you have a photographic record of who signed the form and when. 

Take photos of waiver signee

Scan ID Cards, Insurance Cards and More

The photo feature in WaiverFile makes it easy to scan driver's licenses, ID cards, insurance cards or other documents. Just add a photo step and label it with the document you need to collect and signees will be prompted to take a photo to record the document. The scans of each document are attached to the waiver, encrypted and stored securely in the cloud. 

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Scanning trays make for easier entry

If you are collecting driver's licenses or other similarly sized documents, be sure to check out the ID card scanning tray feature from Vault Enclosures. Customers simply place their card in the tray and it is perfectly aligned to capture an image of their document. This makes it easy for customers to complete their waiver submission process, as well as ensuring a clear image of the required documents. 

Drivers License Scanning attach to waiver

Attach Files to Waivers

WaiverFile also includes a feature to allow customers to upload their own documents or photos and attach them to their waivers. You can choose what documents you collect and which are required, as well as what file types are permitted. Adding files yourself from the dashboard is easy as well, incase you need to add or replace files. 

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