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What Are Waiver Forms?

The purpose of waiver forms are to inform participants of the risks involved in an activity and to absolve the servicing party of legal responsibility. With this legal document, the signing party releases their right to sue the other party if something goes wrong related to the terms of the business’ services. The digital age has made it significantly easier for both customers and businesses to access online liability waiver forms. Liability waiver forms are now faster, easier to handle, and more accessible than before.

At WaiverFile, we offer a wide range of waiver templates to meet your needs. Whether your business provides recreational, medical, beauty, or other services, we have the right waiver template to get you started. Best of all, everything is online!

Benefits of Using Waiver Forms

A waiver form limits the legal responsibility that an individual and/or company has as it relates to the services and/or goods they provide to customers. For example, a waiver form for a rock climbing gym releases the gym from being held liable for injuries customers sustain from using the gym equipment and participating in the activity. Waiver forms may also be used to inform customers of the potential risks involved in participating in an activity. The Uniform Electronic Signatures Act has made it so that a signer’s digital signature is as valid as a physical handwritten signature.

Choose From Different Types of WaiverFile Templates

At WaiverFile, we have a wide selections of online waiver templates, including:



The best way to get started using these waiver forms is online using WaiverFile. You can also download and use the Microsoft Word file for each template on our site.

Why Switch to Online Waivers?

Choosing to use digital waivers simplifies the entire waiver process. These electronic legal documents save business owners time and money, improve efficiency and accuracy, and may even help with marketing efforts by amassing valuable demographic information. Other notable benefits of using digital waivers include:

  • Helps improve the professionalism of a business.
  • Saves on overhead costs.
  • Keeps the business modern and up to date.
  • Shortens the check-in process.
  • Helps reduce crowding.
  • Improves businesses’ preparedness.
  • Helps manage capacity requirements.

Online Waiver Forms

How Can Your Business Implement Electronic Waivers?

The first step for implementing electronic waivers into your business practices is to sign up for a WaiverFile account and download a waiver template that fits the activities you provide. Next, choose one of the following methods to gather your customers’ responses:

  • Sign on iOS smartphones and tablets
  • Sign on Android smartphones and tablets
  • Sign from a website widget
  • Share the online signature link via email
  • Set up the digital waiver form on your entrance's kiosk stand
  • … or others!


Use of WaiverFile is subject to our Terms of Use. The content on this site is not legal advice. No attorney-client relationship is established. The waiver templates provided on our website are intended to be used as a starting point. To ensure your online waiver form is legally binding based on your location, industry, and specific circumstances, consult a legal professional in your area.