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Paintball & Shooting Range Waivers

Frequently, there is a risk of injury when participating in a shooting range or paintball activity. Though not limited to the following, these injuries can include bruises, welts, cuts, and/or ear and eye injuries. Medical attention may even be required in more serious cases. Participants partake in these activities understanding the risks and of their own free will. For that reason, shooting range and paintball companies must protect themselves from legal complications by having waiver forms signed by participants.

To improve your bottom line, WaiverFile can be instrumental. Uniquely suited for the shooting range and paintball industries, we have very specialized digital waiver software. It allows you to collect/track waivers from a mobile device, tablet, or computer.

Benefits of Using Paintball & Shooting Range Waiver Forms

Limit the legal responsibility of your company by having waivers signed. By using a paintball and shooting range waiver, the following features are available:

  • You can customize your form with multiple choice and open-ended questions, and have your customers fill these in ahead of time. In case a number of customers have not filled out your form – for whatever reason – you can always have a tablet or computer handy at your entrance.
  • For participants who haven't signed waivers already, you can easily group them by event and activity location. Before an event starts, this helps to make sure everyone has signed.
  • Names and email addresses can be synced with other services like MailChimp, Constant Contact, and more, once you've collected them.

Note: When a signer provides a signature digitally, it is equally as valid as one that is handwritten, physically. This comes courtesy of the Uniform Electronic Signatures Act.


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Why Switch to Online Paintball & Shooting Range Waivers?

Compared to any number of other activities, it's relatively well-known to those participating that shooting range and paintball activities carry somewhat of a risk. However, this might not be common knowledge to first-time participants. For this reason, and others, waivers should thoroughly be gone through before signing. This can be done from the comfort of their own home with an electronic waiver form system, allowing them to decide whether or not they are willing to take any risks.

What's more, considering the problems the nation has had (and is still having) with the coronavirus (and variants), this type of waiver signing also reduces crowding too many people into one spot while waivers are being signed. It is far more ideal to have participants sign waivers from their own devices in the privacy of their choosing.

How Can Your Paintball & Shooting Range Implement Electronic Waivers?

To incorporate electronic waivers into your paintball and shooting range business, sign up for an account with WaiverFile and choose the waiver template that suits your business best. To gather customer responses, choose from the following:

  • Use iOS or Android smartphones and tablets for signing
  • Share the online sign link via email
  • Sign from a website widget
  • Set up a digital waiver at your entrance/lobby/waiting area/etc.

If you have any questions about using online paintball & shooting range waivers, feel free to contact us today.

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