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On occasion, congregants of churches may engage in activities and events that involve an element of risk. In case something happens, to protect themselves against legal liability, many churches rely on paper liability waivers. These paper waivers are, however, not very secure and, though effective, they could be damaged as the result of various occurrences, like fire or floods. WaiverFile has created a digital waiver solution to protect their waivers. Using a tablet, mobile phone, or computer, from basically anywhere, our customizable smart waivers can be created and signed by churches and their congregants. In a secure database, all signed waivers are stored. There, whenever a need arises, they can be searched and retrieved – literally – in seconds.

Benefits of Using Church Waiver Forms

The following useful features are included when our church digital waiver software is used:

  • Including emails and names, get legible information that can be synchronized with services like Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc. The emailing list can then be used by churches for sending out valuable information and announcements at a later date.
  • To make sure all waiver forms have been signed, and according to the activities that will be engaged in, you can group your participants.
  • In their own time, in the privacy of their home, participants in a particular church event can answer open-ended, multiple-choice questions – which you have included in your form – through our customization options. Based on your requirements, to make sure your forms are totally completed, "required fields" can be enforced.


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Why Switch to Online Church Waivers?

For churches and other organizations, numerous benefits are offered by electronic waiver form systems. In the case of a dispute, they provide a secure and convenient way to retrieve signed forms and also to collect signatures as needed. Unauthorized personnel should never be privy to the information of congregants. To protect their privacy, signed forms for churches are stored in a secure database.

Additionally, to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus and any related variants, digital waivers have also proven useful. To append their signatures, parties no longer have to meet in groups because these forms are contactless in nature. From the comfort and safety of their home, waivers/forms can be signed in advance.

How Can Your Church Implement Electronic Waivers?

As all-inclusive as this all sounds – and it is – it is actually very simple to get started. To begin using electronic waivers, simply open an account with Waiver File. Look through the church waivers and choose the one you think best suits your needs and requirements. After downloading the chosen waiver, you can begin collecting emails, addresses, phone numbers, signatures, and more through the use of smartphones, website widgets, tablets, emails, etc.

If you have any questions about using online church waivers, feel free to contact us today.

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Microsoft Word Version

Using online waiver forms is the fastest and easiest way to collect, but if you'd still like a Word version you can download it below.