Frequently Asked Questions

Online Waiver Forms - General

Yes! WaiverFile helps customers set up their online waiver systems by helping them configure their forms. We’re happy to help with formatting issues that often happen when taking information from PDFs. Setup assistance is typically free of charge, but particularly complex situations that involve multiple forms may incur additional costs. WaiverFile reserves the right to bill for time and services. We will always be clear and upfront about any costs. 

Security: We are HIPAA compliant and follow the latest security standards. 

Features: WaiverFile organizes waivers for check-ins at events and has many easy-to-use features that make accessing and finding waivers easy. 

Support: We take pride in providing great customer support. Our hands-on approach means we work hard to make sure every client’s experience is as optimal as possible. 

Administrators can find out if a client has already signed a waiver by using the dashboard. The signed-in-advance and events features simplify keeping waivers organized and provide easy access.  In addition, admins can always search by name or other fields. Checking in names that have signed in the past, e.g., with repeat customers, will not affect your quota unless clients sign a new waiver. 

We have a series of monthly plans starting from $15 per month and also offer custom quotes for seasonal and high volume customers. Check out our pricing page or contact us to learn more.   

In general, yes. In most places, electronic signatures on WaiverFile are legally binding. Feel free to read more on the Legality of E-Signatures.

Digital signatures involve authenticating the person who is signing, which can get dicey depending on who is behind the screen. With that being said, we do what we can to make sure signatures are as valid as possible by tracking IP addresses, and the date and time signed. The WaiverFile App also supports photo features to digitally capture photos of signatories and documents.

Efficiency: You don’t need to wait for customers to sign paper forms. They can sign in advance to expedite the check-in process.  

Security: Waivers are securely stored in our cloud environment, so there are no more risks of paper waivers getting lost, stolen, or damaged. 

Marketing: Business owners can use the demographic data they collect to build mailing lists and perform targeted marketing with no data entry required. 

Liability: WaiverFile makes it easy to search for and find waivers in the event of a lawsuit or legal dispute.

Yes. You can use the WaiverFile app on iOS or Android devices to set up waivers at kiosks. Learn more about our Waiver Kiosk app today! 

Ease of use. We have done a lot of work to make sure the forms we present are easy to read and compatible with any device. Customers can complete them on their own computers, tablets, or smartphones quickly and easily. They can sign in advance, so there is no need to fumble with paper waivers during the check-in process. 

We have sample agreements that you can use to get started in drafting your online waiver forms. It is always recommended to work with an attorney to make sure the wording of your agreement protects your business. Once you have your agreement written up, you can add fields to gather important information about your customers. We highly recommend requiring clients to fill in their email addresses so you can build an email marketing list.  We also suggest asking clients to answer, "Where did you hear about (your business)" and using the answers to grow your business. 

Yes. Our waiver form setup process is simple enough to set up yourself after you’ve logged in. All you need to do is copy and paste your agreement text and organize the fields that are relevant to your needs. If you run into any issues, feel free to contact us for assistance and we will be happy to help.  

We keep all waivers stored indefinitely as long as you have an account with us. If you ever decide to close your account, you can bulk-download all the waivers for your own records. We have protective measures in place to prevent accidental deletion of data. If you need to remove any data permanently, please contact us for assistance.

We have no contracts or minimum periods, so you can close your account anytime. If you cancel your services, we advise that you download a copy of any signed waivers to keep for your records. This can be done in the Archive section where you will be able to download a zip file with all the PDFs of the waivers, along with a table of contents file. 

If you only want to delete a waiver form, you can ‘archive’ the waiver that you no longer need. WaiverFile retains all records indefinitely until you close your account, or you ask us to permanently delete something. Because keeping waivers secure is important, we take precautionary steps to ensure that data is not accidentally deleted. 

Once you have downloaded everything you need, you can cancel by logging into the dashboard and going to My Account on the top right. Please feel free to contact us for any concerns you may have. We value your feedback! 

Accepting waivers on your website is easy. You can simply create a link to your WaiverFile signing page (e.g. or if you prefer, log into your WaiverFile admin and go to Customize >> Share Buttons. There you can choose from several options for sharing the link to your WaiverFile site. Learn more about sharing and embedding options

WaiverFile Features

Yes, you can export individual waiver forms as PDFs through the dashboard or in search results. You can also bulk-download waivers by going to Archive in the dashboard and choosing a date range. The system will generate a zip file with all the waivers you have selected. 

Another option is to open a Contents file, which contains all the names that are listed within that archived zip file. WaiverFile also has reporting tools for users to export their data as a grid and download to Excel. 


No. WaiverFile has plans to develop online booking features in the future and will provide updates when ready.

Yes. With WaiverFile, you’ll get a web link for your waivers and embed it into your confirmation page and email messages. After a customer books online, they will be immediately directed to the waiver signing page. We also offer direct integrations with several systems and are planning more in the near future. If we don't connect directly with the service you use, check if that service integrates with Zapier. WaiverFile has a Zapier integration and can connect using that to other services that also connect to it. Not sure if WaiverFile connects to the current waiver service you are using? Contact us today!

Yes, you can use our app on iOS or Android to collect signatures even when offline. Use the buttons below to download the app, or search for WaiverFile in the App Store/Google Play.  

WaiverFile on the Apple App Store for iPad and iPhone   WaiverFile on Google Play for Android devices  

You can have as many kiosk and signing devices as you wish. We don’t set any limits on signing devices or admin dashboard users. To facilitate faster signing, we recommend adding as many kiosk devices as you can.  
You can add as many different forms as you like. We have no limit on the number of forms you can create regardless of plan. 
Yes! You can add custom text fields, dropdown lists and more. Just edit your waiver form and use the form builder to add as many questions as you like. 
Yes, you can choose to offer an email button after completion, or have it sent automatically.  To set this up, log into your dashboard and go to Customize >> Email Templates. There are two drop-down lists for the email option. One is for the public area, which is the web based link that you can share via email or put on your website. The other option is the device mode which applies when customers are using the kiosk app. You may wish to have the email function behave differently depending on how someone is signing, so you can set each separately. 
Yes, you can create accounts with varying levels of access for your staff to log in with. Log into your dashboard and go to Settings >> Manage Admin Access. Click on Add User to create a new account for other users. There are several roles to choose from. Use the link below the form to see a list of all the roles and what permission each has. 
Yes, you can add a logo and other imagery to your waiver forms and signing pages. In the admin dashboard, select Customize >> Images to manage images. When editing your waiver agreement, there are also image tools that will let you add graphics to your waiver form itself. 

Yes, but be aware that disabling General Admission will mean that in order to sign a waiver, users must select from one of your events. If this is the desired behavior, use the steps below to hide the General Admission button.

  1. Log into the admin (e.g.
  2. Go to Customize >> Labels
  3. Erase the General Admission Term.
  4. Click Save

When the General Admission Term is blank, the button will disappear. Note that if you want to simply rename the General Admission term, you can do so under the same area. Just change the value to anything you like and click Save. 

Still need help?

Our support team is here to help you get your account configured to make sure that it runs as smoothly as possible, and to make sure you're taking advantage of all that WaiverFile has to offer! Contact us today for assistance.