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The WaiverFile App

Kiosk and Offline Waiver Signing

The WaiverFile app for iOS, Android and Amazon Fire devices will let you set up a waiver signing kiosk for your customers to sign waivers on-site. Waivers are collected in a similar way to our web-based signature pages, but since it is an app there are a few distinct advantages. 

Offline Signing

When your device has no internet access, you can still sign waivers. Each one is stored in the app's local database and will get synchronized up to the cloud-based WaiverFile storage system when internet is available again. This means you can use WaiverFile even when in remote locations without any WiFi or cellular access. 

Photo Capture

The WaiverFile app's photo capture feature will open the camera and take a photo of the signee as part of the waiver process. You can also make it open the rear-facing camera to capture documents such as driver's licenses or ID cards. The images capture are attached to each waiver and stored securely in our encrypted storage system.

Receipt Printing

The WaiverFile app connects with Star receipt printers. As soon as a waiver is completed, a confirmation receipt is printed that can act as a ticket for verification and entry using the WaiverScan app. 


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Download the WaiverFile App

To find the WaiverFile app in any of the app stores, just search for WaiverFile, or use the buttons below. 

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The WaiverScan App

Fast Check-in Using QR Codes

The WaiverScan app speeds up waiver confirmation and check-in by using QR code technology to quickly verify that a waiver has been signed and for how many adults and children. 

Offline Scanning

WaiverFile's QR codes are unique in that they allow for scanning and verification to occur even if the scanning app is offline. Codes are synchronized when possible, but the QR codes contain encrypted verification information so we can make sure that it is valid and also display basic name and headcount information, even when the device is offline. 

Auto Check-In

When codes are scanned, customers are marked as checked in and the date and time are logged. If the scanner is offline, this data is logged and synchronized later when internet access is available. 

QR Codes via Receipt Printer or Email

Customers receive a confirmation ticket after signing. If they are signing on their own device, they will see this on the screen and receive a copy via email. If signing on-site using the WaiverFile kiosk app, a receipt printer may be connected to immediately print a confirmation ticket that also includes the code that can be scannd. 

WaiverScan QR waiver scanner

Download the WaiverScan App

To find the WaiverScan app in any of the app stores, just search for WaiverFile, or use the buttons below.