7 Main Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Waivers

 Having a waiver to protect your business is something you will never regret, and you’ll be able to sleep better at night knowing your business is safe. 

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How To Use Your WaiverFile Data

You may not realize it, but I guarantee you already have a lot of valuable data available to you at your fingertips that you can and should be using to optimize your inbound marketing strategies. Inbound marketing is one of the most effective and easiest ways to grow your business. 

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How to Set Up and Optimize 10DLC SMS for Your Business

WaiverFile is excited to offer SMS text messaging and help your business set up and optimize the many marketing opportunities that come with it! Get registered for your 10DLC (10-digit-long code) by providing your name, address, and business type. 

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Celebrating 5 Million Waivers

We're thrilled to announce that our company has hit a major milestone - our customers have now collected 5 million waivers using WaiverFile! This achievement wouldn't have been possible without our loyal customers and dedicated staff.

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WaiverFile Adds Improved Report Editing

We’re excited to announce that as part of the big new set of features we rolled out this week, we have included a new field selector for reports. The new selector has been carefully designed to be easier to follow and easier to use.

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WaiverFile Now Available in the Amazon App Store

We are excited to announce that the WaiverFile app is now available in the Amazon App Store! 

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WaiverFile New Features for 2021

Happy new year! We’ve been busy working on a number of new features and wanted to let you know about them. 

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WaiverFile Adds Zapier Integration

We are excited to announce that WaiverFile has added integration with Zapier, a leading online connection service that bridges the gap between many online systems. 

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Celebrating Our Million Waiver Milestone

WaiverFile has now collected over 1 Million waivers! We couldn’t be happier to know that our product is trusted by so many businesses, and it’s surreal that we've accomplished such a huge milestone!

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Capterra Awards WaiverFile 2020 "Best Value" and "Best Ease of Use" Badges

We have some exciting news that we’re happy to finally share with you! Capterra, the world’s leading software discovery and review platform has awarded WaiverFile with two badges.

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WaiverFile Adds Image and Screen Saver Features

This week we added some long awaited image features! You can now add images to your waiver forms and signing pages! We also added a screen saver feature so you can display promotional graphics on your waiver kiosks. 

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WaiverFile New Features - Recurring Events, Check-Ins and more!

We’re excited to announce the release of several new features that we’ve had in the works for some time now. We’ve received lots of great feedback from customers about the types of features they would like to see. Below is an overview of what we have released. Thanks to all our customers who have provided us with such detailed feedback!

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WaiverFile Featured in Adventure Park Insider Magazine

We're excited to share that WaiverFile has been featured in Adventure Park Insider magazine!

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iPhone Update Adds QR Scanning to Camera App

Scanning a QR code with your iPhone has always required the installation of a third party app. This has slowed the adoption of the QR code. We were very happy to learn that with the release of iOS 11, QR codes can now be scanned using only the standard camera app that ships with the OS. Because of this, you can expect a wider adoption of the QR code as a means of sharing URL’s!

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New Dashboard Features Released!

We’ve just released an update to the admin dashboard that you’re going to love! 

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Multiple Admin User Feature Added

We've been busy here working on new features and continuing to make WaiverFile an even more powerful, yet easy-to-use tool! Our latest addition is here, and it adds multiple admin user access. 

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New Features! Email and print waiver options for Customers

Once again we've received some really awesome feedback from our customers which has helped us develop more new features. A huge thank you to everyone who has sent in your comments! We're excited once again to announce some great new features inspired by real-world customer feedback.

The new features include:

Email Waivers to Customers
Customers can choose to receive a copy of their waiver via email.

Print Waivers
When signing from home, customers can have the option to print a copy of their waiver form for their own records.

We've also included a series of minor bug fixes and usability improvements that continue to improve the ease of use of WaiverFile. Click below to learn more about these new features and how to enable them in your own WaiverFile site!

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Fixed: Windows Touch Signature Issue

We are pleased to announce that the issues some users were experiencing with the signature box on Windows touch devices has been fixed. The issue affected users of the new Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10, but only when using a touch screen. The previous workaround was to use another browser such as Google Chrome, however this issue is fixed and the signature box will now work properly with all modern browsers.

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Improved Form Validation for Online Waivers

We are excited to release an upgraded form validation feature for WaiverFile! After discussing usability issues with a number of our customers, we were able to gather valuable feedback and we've launched a major improvement to the field validation. The usability, particularly on mobile devices, has been greatly improved and redesigned to eliminate any confusion about required fields.

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New Dashboard, New Features

We are excited to announce some new features in WaiverFile that have been released this week! After receiving lots of customer feedback, we have redesigned the dashboard to be easier to use and easier to find out who has signed their waiver. The design handles larger groups much better and also offers new sorting and grouping features.

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WaiverFile Adds Support for Multiple Waiver Forms

We have been hard at working developing new features for WaiverFile and are excited to announce that you can now create multiple waiver forms. If you have different waiver or liability agreements that you accept, you can set up each version separately, each with their own settings, custom questions and more.

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