How To Use Your WaiverFile Data

October 19, 2023

The data you get with WaiverFile can help you with your marketing and streamline your business!

The marketing world is ever-changing and evolving. One of the worst things a business can do is not take advantage of the new marketing methods and opportunities available to them. 

You may not realize it, but I guarantee you already have a lot of valuable data available to you at your fingertips that you can and should be using to optimize your inbound marketing strategies. Inbound marketing is one of the most effective and easiest ways to grow your business. 

When you use WaiverFile for your online waivers, your customers fill out a variety of personal information that is stored safely in a database for you to access later. There are several ways that you can optimize your WaiverFile data and how you can use it for marketing to your customers. 

Let’s go over a few beneficial ways for you to use and optimize your WaiverFile data, whether it’s for marketing purposes or to eliminate duplicate business processes!

Building An Email Marketing List

A great way to use the data you have through WaiverFile is to help you build your email marketing list. When customers fill out one of our online waivers, they are required to put in their email addresses. An amazing benefit of WaiverFile is that you can integrate these email addresses with email marketing services such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, and others. 

When customers sign their waiver, they can automatically join the mailing list. It’s a perfect opportunity to make contact with customers and build a large mailing list of potential customers quickly. 

Newsletters, promotions, and upcoming events are great email marketing opportunities that having a strong email list enables you to take advantage of. Keep your customers and connections up to date with the latest news and discounts.

Targeted Birthday Mailing

One of the best ways to use the data that you collect in  WaiverFile is to reach out to customers in advance of birthdays. When a customer signs one of our online waivers, you can have them include their birthday and/or the birthday of the child they’re signing for. 

If you actively track these stored birthdays, reaching out to the parents of children’s upcoming birthdays and inviting them to use your business (if applicable) for a birthday party is a great marketing tactic! A message providing a discount coupon is also a huge win for you (and them). 

WaiverFile currently integrates with email marketing services including Constant Contact and MailChimp. Additionally, you can use our SMS text messaging platform to send targeted promotional text messages in advance of the birthdays on file! 

Verifying Headcounts (Parties, etc.)

You can create events and group organizations on WaiverFile, so when a customer is signing a waiver, they can select which event or group they are a part of. Their data will then be conveniently grouped for you when you need to access it. 

When it comes time for the party or event, you can print out or view an online roster of the party and check off which signees showed up and who didn’t. This is great for verifying headcounts and ensuring there aren’t any people who didn’t sign and snuck into the event!

Additionally, if you are billing for your events per person, you can confirm the actual number of attendees. This happens frequently with businesses that run birthday parties. A parent may book a party for 15 children, but 20 show up. After the party, you can run the report to confirm the list of names of children who attended and bill the customer for the overage. 

Links to Zapier

A great benefit that WaiverFile has is that it connects its data to Zapier. If you aren’t already using Zapier, you’re missing out! Zapier is an incredible tool that connects many different systems, making your life much easier and your processes faster and less complicated. You can use our Zapier integration by setting up automatic actions to be performed and sent to other systems once a new waiver is signed.

Zapier offers integrations with over 3,000 systems, letting you move data and tasks between them. With popular systems such as Google Docs and Sheets, Slack, Calendly, and more, this integration is sure to make your business functions easier and will save you much time and stress. 

Reports to Export Customer Data

WaiverFile can be configured to collect customer information such as gender, birthday, age, and location. You can then export this data into other systems, such as Google Sheets if you wish. You can also use this data and filter it to create specific, targeted marketing lists. 

Some benefits of targeted marketing lists are that they increase engagement and conversions, allow you to educate your target market and current customers, and help build valuable relationships with your customers by providing more quality interactions.

SMS Text Messaging

WaiverFile is so excited about our recent addition of SMS text messaging! This will help you have more quality connections with your customers and build brand awareness by sending your message directly into their hands–literally. SMS is a great method for sending out special offers, reminders, discounts, confirmation messages, or follow-up surveys. 

Another way you can optimize our SMS feature is to send out SMS workflows. This is beneficial if you have a rental company. Building a strong SMS marketing list is another great marketing tactic that can provide great results, and we hope you’ll love it and use it as much as we think you will! 


There are so many ways you can leverage this data, and these are just a few ideas. As you can see, WaiverFile does more than just provide you with an easy hassle-free system to collect your customer’s waivers. We help you gather important data that when used correctly this data can help you grow your brand through inbound marketing and help make your processes easier by syncing different systems. 

WaiverFile is happy to provide businesses with a hassle-free, easy, and convenient way of gathering waivers and data so you can spend less time worrying about waivers and more time focusing on your business. If you aren’t already using WaiverFile in your business, we encourage you to do so and see for yourself the many benefits that we have to offer! 

If you’re not sure you want to fully commit to WaiverFile yet, check out our offer of a free 30-day trial, credit card-free, so you can be sure you love WaiverFile before committing to signing up.

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