WaiverFile New Features for 2021

January 20, 2021

The WaiverFile team has been busy this winter working on a number of new features and improvements. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the items that are new! Some of these items have been available for a little while, but we didn’t get a chance to make a formal announcement so here they are!

Customize Colors and Logo

Previously you were able to customize your colors with CSS stylesheet code, however this only worked on the web-based waiver signature pages and not the app. It also required knowing how to write CSS. We’ve now launched an easy to use style editor where you can set your own custom colors and other style attributes. The settings you choose will apply to both the web-based signature pages as well as the WaiverFile mobile app! To try it, go to your dashboard and choose Customize >> Style
Learn More:
Customize Colors | Add Your Logo

New Mobile App Features

We’ve added a few new features to the mobile app for signing waivers. The first is customizable colors, as described above. We’ve also added modes for fixing the app to a specific event or waiver form. If you have a kiosk location that has a specific waiver just for that activity, you can set the app to just offer that one form. Customers won’t need to select from a list of all the forms, they’ll go straight to the one that applies. The event mode works similarly in that if you are running a large event and only want to collect waivers for that one, you can set it up and customers won’t have to choose. They’ll go straight to the form and it will automatically be tied to that event. 
Learn More:
Event Mode | Single Waiver Mode

Editing Waivers and Waiver Notes

You can now edit waivers that have been signed in WaiverFile. The original copy is always retained so you can view it or print it, but you can edit the values that have been entered via the dashboard. You can also add admin notes to each waiver. The person creating and editing is recorded along with version history. 
Learn More:
Edit Signed Waivers | Admin Notes

Adopting Signatures

We’ve added a function where if you have multiple signature or initials boxes on your form, the drawn signature can be “adopted” so the customer signs once, and then when they click on each additional spot, the same signature is automatically filled in so they don’t need to redraw it. You can choose to disable this feature on one or all locations if you want to have customers sign each time. 
More About Signatures

Email Confirmation and Verification

If you need to be sure that the email address entered on each form is valid, we have two new options you can use. One is confirmation, which makes customers enter their email twice to help prevent typos. The other is verification where an email with a special verification link is sent to each person. Clicking the link verifies that the email is real and the status of each is tracked along with each waiver. 
More About Email Verification

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