WaiverFile Email Verification Options

WaiverFile includes several email verification options that you can use to ensure that the email addresses that your customers add are correct. You can use any combination of the features available depending on your business need. 

When editing a waiver form, under the main editor you will see a list of checkboxes for the standard form fields that are available. Next to the email address field, you can choose if it is required, and which of the validation options you wish to use, if any. 

Email Address Confirmation

Confirming the email address is a simple step to ensure accuracy. This will display two email address boxes on the waiver form. The two values must be the same in order to proceed. If a type-o is made, the user will be prompted that they do not match and need to be corrected.

Email Address Verification

This option enables a true verification. After the waiver form is submitted online, an email message will be sent to the address provided with a special link. This link will mark that entry as verified. A column can be added to the dashboard and reports to show the status of this verification. You can also see the status when viewing individual waivers. This option is useful if you really need to make sure an email address is valid. 

As with many forms of verification, each step that you choose to add can make your form more cumbersome to complete. This may be worth the tradeoff though, if you want to ensure that the values are accurate. In the end, the choice of which options to use will be up to you. You can also change them anytime later, based on customer feedback.  


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