Custom Confirmation/Thank-You Pages

WaiverFile has two options to customize the confirmation/thank-you page after completing an online waiver. 

The first, and simplest option is to customize the labels on this screen. To customize the language shown on the confirmation pages for all waivers, go to your dashboard and then Customize >> Labels. Look for the options that begin with Thank-You. You can adjust the headings and buttons that are shown here. Set the values as needed and click Save down at the bottom.

If you wish to customize the wording for a specific form only, go to Waiver Forms, then click on the Customize Labels button under the form you want to adjust. For each setting you want to adjust, check the box on that row and set the value. When done, click Save down at the bottom. The buttons will use the overridden values specified here, or fall back to the account-level settings if not checked. 

These changes will propagate to the mobile app as well as the web-based signature area. 

The second option is set for specific forms and is available on web signature pages only. This option will not apply to the WaiverFile app. To start, go to Waiver Forms, then click on the Customize Labels button. You will see 3 tabs labeled Thank you. Each one has a checkbox to override the setting. Begin with the Thank You – Default. When you check the box, an editor appears. You can use the editor to override the messaging with rich text content using the formatting tools available. 

To keep a workflow that will loop the page back to the beginning for others to sign, be sure to include the {{CONTINUE_BUTTON}} code. This will display a Continue button that directs the user back to the beginning page. Other buttons are listed below the editor. 

The other tabs are for device and embedded versions of the signature area and can be used to further override. The default option is used for all if the others are not specified. 

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