WaiverFile URL Parameters for Custom Workflows and Integrations

WaiverFile accepts a number of parameters so you can build custom links that enhance your customer’s waiver-signing workflow. First a quick note about Query Strings. 

What is a Query String? 

A query string is a set of parameters that are added on to the end of a web address to pass some information along to that page. For example: 


First, we have the web address: 


This is the target page. Then there is a question mark. Everything after the question mark is a parameter: 

wfpp_txtSignedNameFirst=John - this tells us to set the first name field to John. 

&wfpp_txtSignedName=Smith - this tells us to set the last name field to John. 

Note that the first parameter starts with a question mark, and each additional parameter/value pair is separated by an & symbol.

Pre-populating forms

If you are collecting data elsewhere and want to pass it in to WaiverFile to pre-fill parts of your form, you can use custom query string parameters to do so. Each parameter begins with “wfpp_” which stands for WaiverFile Pre-Populate. The list below shows the standard fields that are available on a WaiverFile online waiver form. 



Signee First Name


Signee Last Name, or Signee Full Name if account not using separate first and last name


Date of Birth




Address Line 1


Address Line 2








Date Attending

Custom Fields

You can add parameters for custom fields as well. To do this, you will need to get the ID attribute of each target field you want to set. The easiest way to do this is to use the inspector tool available in Chrome and other browsers. If you are not familiar with this, please feel free to contact the WaiverFile support team and we will be happy to assist you in setting up your custom link. 

Once you have the field ID, add wfpp_ to the beginning and you can add the parameter. Be aware that if you change the custom questions on your waiver form, these values can change so you should verify that your links still work and make corrections as needed. 

Note that checkbox lists and radio button lists are not yet supported. Contact us if you need this as a feature and we can advise you about development time.


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