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Event & Expo Waivers

There is now a considerably higher risk when it comes to attending expos and events of any size thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nationwide, as facilities considered non-essential gradually reopen, people can feel better about attending expos and events, provided they follow guidelines and protocol. What does this mean for you, as the event company?

What it doesn't mean is, if an attendee contracts the coronavirus, you should be held responsible. Here's where the signing of releases and waivers comes in. At WaiverFile, we have specially designed digital waiver software that caters to the needs of the expo and event industry. With our help, you can collect and track waivers from a mobile device, tablet, or computer.

Benefits of Using Event and Expo Waiver Forms

When you have your expo and event attendees sign a waiver, it limits your legal responsibility. For expo and event companies, our specially designed digital software offers the following features:

  • With the email marketing service you use, you can now sync customer data. Think Constant Contact and MailChimp as email marketing services.
  • By event, you can now group participants to track them easily. Who has shown up? Who hasn't signed a waiver form? These questions can be answered in record time with little effort.
  • With a layout that will adjust to fit mobile devices and tablets, you can customize your forms.


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Why Switch to Online Event and Expo Waivers?

Even before the onset of the coronavirus, when it came to industries like paintball businesses, motorsports, etc., waiver signing was common practice. These were activities considered high risk. In this post-coronavirus world, however, the risk of transmission is certainly on the minds of everyone attending shows and other activities classified as low risk. When it comes to waiver forms, it's best for Expo companies and events to over-communicate in order to protect themselves.

This includes the emphasis on keeping a reasonable distance from others and mask-wearing. You can also include information regarding what your company is doing to facilitate guideline enforcement. In the event an attendee would take legal action, this provides an additional layer of protection for you.

How Can Your Event and Expo Business Implement Electronic Waivers?

Sign up with WaiverFile for an account to start incorporating electronic waivers into your event and expo business. Next, you will want to choose and download the waiver template that suits you best. To gather your customer responses, one or more of the following can be chosen and used:

  • Use iOS tablets and smartphones for signing
  • Use android tablets and smartphones for signing
  • Sign from a website widget
  • Share the online sign link via email
  • Set up the digital waiver at your entrance… and more 

If you have any questions about using online event and expo waivers, feel free to contact us today.

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Using online waiver forms is the fastest and easiest way to collect, but if you'd still like a Word version you can download it below.