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Medical Waiver Template

Do you run a doctor's office, medical facility, or some other medically related business or facility? Are you looking for a secure, easy, and convenient digital waiver system? If so, you're in the right place. WaiverFile has exactly what you need.

We have created a platform that protects a patient's legal rights and guarantees confidentiality because we know how critical privacy is. You can easily convert your medical, paper-based waivers with our app to transform them into digital. Including HIPAA-compliant waiver forms, we offer the best electronic waiver solutions for medical firms. What's more, an unrivaled customer experience can be expected by each one of our clients. Get in touch with us if, during set up, you face any issues. Instantly, we will see to it they are fixed.

Benefits of Using Medical Waiver Forms

Some of the features that you'll have access to when you use our medical digital waiver software include the following:

  • Using sync-able services like MailChimp, you can generate legible emails and names to be used for future personalized emails, etc.
  • Before they are attended to, you can make sure that waiver forms have been signed by patients. According to the procedures they will be going through, you will now have the ability to effectively group patients.
  • In advance, your patients can answer open-ended questions, multiple-choice questions, etc., from a customized form. At your facility, you can have either their legal representatives or they, themselves, fill out the form if, before their visit, they were unable to complete their forms.


HIPAA Compliant Waiver Form Solution 
WaiverFile is HIPAA-Compliant to help you collect PHI safely and maintain compliance. Learn more


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Why Switch to Online Medical Waivers?

Medical professionals simply cannot overlook the administrative tasks of copying and filing paper liability waivers. To say the least, the job is time-consuming, though easily accomplished. On the other hand, electronic waiver files are signed and stored automatically in a secure online database. You just have to type in the name of the patient, if you want to retrieve a file, and in seconds, it will appear. Why is this important? Valuable time is saved. Time you could be devoting to your patient.

What's more, to collect the health information of patients safely and securely, electronic waivers assist medical professionals daily. 3D ultrasound scanning clinics, urgent care clinics, and other healthcare providers – thanks to our online forms – can now easily fulfill their obligations concerning HIPAA compliance.

How Can Your Medical Business Implement Electronic Waivers?

How can your medical business begin implementing electronic waivers quickly and easily? To start things off, simply open a WaiverFile account below and you'll start with our free sample template. Customize it with your own wording and questions and then start collecting signatures and information using website widgets, emails, smartphones, tablets, etc. 

If you have any questions about using online medical waivers, feel free to contact us today.

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Microsoft Word Version

Using online waiver forms is the fastest and easiest way to collect, but if you'd still like a Word version you can download it below.