Are you looking for an easy, secure, and convenient digital waiver system for a medical facility or a doctor’s office? WaiverFile has got you covered! We understand that privacy is critical, and this is why we have created a platform that guarantees confidentiality and protection of a patient’s legal rights. With our app, you can easily convert your paper-based medical waivers into digital ones. We offer the best electronic waiver solution for medical firms, including HIPAA-compliant waiver forms. We also provide all our clients with an unrivaled customer experience. In case you face any issues during set up, get in touch with us, and we will have them fixed instantly. What are you waiting for? Use our digital waiver system today!

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What are Online Waivers?

An online digital waiver, also known as a digital release form, is a legal contract entered between two parties (the releaser and release) in business-related events. Some companies sponsor events or provide services that are potentially risky, and this form educates participants about the risks they are assuming. Through this form, businesses seek to discourage lawsuits by requiring participants to append their signatures on the form before participating in an activity or seeking a risky service. Online waivers are signed using various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers, and parties can sign them from anywhere.

Why Should Medical Facilities Use Electronic Waiver Form Systems?

For paper liability waivers, copying and filing are administrative tasks that medical professionals cannot overlook. Even though both of them are easy to accomplish, they can take a significant amount of time, depending on the size of the pile. Electronic waiver files, on the other hand, are easy to sign and are automatically stored in a secure online database. In case you want to retrieve a file, you only type a patient's name, and it will appear in seconds. This saves you the time you can use to focus on the well-being of your patients. Electronic waivers also enable medical professionals to collect their patients' health information securely and safely. Urgent care clinics, 3D ultrasound scanning clinics, and other healthcare providers can now fulfill their HIPAA compliance obligations with ease.

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Top Features of Our Medical Digital Waiver Software 

Some of the main features of our medical digital waiver software include:

  • Create custom forms that contain multiple-choice and open-ended questions that patients can answer in advance. If they are not able to fill the forms before the visit, you can have them or their legal representatives sign them at your facility.
  • Group patients, according to the procedures they will go through and ensure they have signed waiver forms before they are attended to.
  • Generate legible names and emails that you can sync using services such as MailChimp and use them to send personalized emails in the future.

Why Should Medical Facilities Work with WaiverFile?

At WaiverFile, we have created an intuitive solution that allows medical professionals to simplify the waiver signing process for themselves and their clients. Our solutions are trusted by a wide array of businesses, and we are proud to have served well-known clients such as Universal Kids, NBC New York, Blue Mountain, and more. Join the millions of digital waivers signed with us today!

If you want to learn more about our electronic waiver solutions for medical facilities, feel free to contact us today. Do not hesitate to call us at 1(877) 791-9984 or send an email to


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