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Adventure tours are a niche category of tourism where customers engage in activities, such as snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, rafting, rock climbing, zip lining, hiking, and much more. These tourism activities, however, may pose a certain level of risk to customers. It is important for operators in this industry to ensure that they are well protected from lawsuits. Customers who get physically hurt or suffers harm during the course of the adventure tour may sue your company unless they have signed waiver forms.

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At WaiverFile, we make the process of signing waiver forms easy for your customers. Our online waiver forms can be signed in advance, so you have enough time to review them and ensure that they have met the legal requirements. This gives you peace of mind that your company is protected should litigation arise.

What are Online Waivers?

Online waivers are designed to make it easier for your adventure tour company to operate safely. One of the key features of an adventure tour company is the element of risk in the activities that customers undertake. This, however, is a double-edge sword. The risks may translate to injury, which in turn lead to lawsuits. The advantage of online waiver forms over any other type of waivers is the convenience that they provide. Clients can sign these forms long before they come to your company. This means that you not only have time to plan but you can also review the forms themselves for errors and unsigned forms.

Why Should Adventure Tour Companies Use Electronic Waiver Form Systems?

If you are operating a business that poses a potential risk to customers, online waiver forms are a must-have. Despite your best effort, injuries may still happen. For example, scuba diving is regarded as adventure touring. There is no way any individual can control all the factors under the sea and so injuries may occur. When they do, you need to be sure that your company is protected against lawsuits. After all, customers must be aware of the risks of certain adventure-related activities.

Electronic waiver forms also ease the process of registration as customers do not have to sign physical forms. This offers customers a much better experience as there is minimal waiting time.

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Top Features of Adventure Tour Digital Waiver Software 

Below are some of the features you can enjoy when you use our adventure tour digital waiver software:

  • Seamless Customization: Our electronic waiver form software is designed to make it easy for you to customize it to your needs.
  • Excellent Support: WaiverFile is focused on delivering perfection to our clients. You can count on superb support from our customer service staff.
  • Export Data: Our electronic waiver form system stores all your data securely so you can search for waivers anytime, but you can also export that data in Excel format as well as download a zip file of all your waivers in PDF format.

Why Should the Adventure Tour Industry Work with WaiverFile?

With our electronic waiver form system, you have complete control over your data. Our solution can also be integrated with mail management applications to make communication and marketing activities as efficient as possible.

If you want to learn more about our electronic waiver solutions for the adventure tour industry, feel free to contact us today. Start your 30 day free trial here. Do not hesitate to call us at 1(877) 791-9984 or send an email to



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