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Are you looking for the best waiver software that will help you create and collect online waiver signatures with ease? You have come to the right place! At WaiverFile, we have the perfect software that meets the needs of any educational facility. Our digital waiver allows you to convert your physical waiver into an online digital format so that you can begin receiving signatures without delay. It is also convenient for your students and parents because it allows them to sign waiver forms from any device and at any time. We use the latest encryption techniques to keeps every signed waiver safe from hackers and snoopers. In case of a dispute, retrieving a waiver from our system is easy. All you need to do is type the name of a student or signee, and it will be retrieved in seconds.

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What are Online Waivers?

A waiver form is a legal document that must be signed by participants in a particular activity to acknowledge the risks that come with their participation. By using these forms, companies involved attempt to avoid legal liability in case one gets injured when participating in their events. Using paper waivers can be expensive and time-consuming. Digital waivers are in electronic form, and they allow companies to get signatures faster and retrieve them with ease in case someone or a group of people who signed it choose to take legal action.

Why Should Educational Facilities Use Electronic Waiver Form Systems?

Every minute you spend on paper liability waivers is a missed opportunity for attentive customer service. Digital waivers require less work and are not as time-consuming as paper forms. This ensures you have more time to focus on everything else that matters to your educational facility. In addition, digital waivers are more secure. With them, you never have to stress about anything damaging them. The best digital waiver software like WaiverFile uses enterprise-grade security that ensures all data is safe from cybercriminals.


Top Features of Our Educational Facility Digital Waiver Software 

Some of the best features of our educational facility digital waiver software include:

  • Create a personalized form with multiple, open-ended questions that participants in an educational forum can answer in advance. Questions can be marked as required which will ensure forms are completed before submitting.
  • Group participants according to the activities they have signed for, and ensure they have all signed their waiver forms.
  • Synchronize names and emails you have collected using other services such as MailChimp and Constant Contact.

Why Should Educational Facilities Work with WaiverFile?

WaiverFile is dedicated to quality, sustainability, and convenience. When educational facilities choose our digital waiver service, they are assured of faster signing, legible participant information, no filling cabinets with papers, and an experience they cannot find elsewhere. With our online waiver solution, you also get a bigger and better email list you can use to market your services and events in the future.

If you want to learn more about our electronic waiver solutions for educational facilities, feel free to contact us today or check out our 30 day free trial. Do not hesitate to call us at 1(877) 791-9984 or send an email to







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