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With the COVID-19 virus sweeping across the United States, it has become critical for spa and beauty businesses to protect themselves from lawsuits. This is because there is the risk that clients may sue thinking that they contracted COVID-19 from their visit to a spa or beauty establishment. Such spa operators protect themselves by getting their customers to sign waiver forms. Electronic waiver forms for spa and beauty establishments make a lot of sense. They allow businesses to stay safe while at the same time ensuring that customers get seamless service.

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What are Online Waivers?

Online waiver forms are used to shield your spa and beauty business from lawsuits that may arise in the course of business. The fact that they are online means that the risk of COVID-19 infection is low, and they are also highly convenient for clients. Many spa and beauty businesses have taken steps to protect their staff and clients from getting infected. Measures such as making all visits on an appointment basis ensure that there are no queues at the premises by walk-in clients. 

Electronic waiver forms are an extension of these safety mechanisms; designed to ensure that you seal any loopholes that may put your business at risk. 

Why Should Spa and Beauty Companies Use Electronic Waiver Form Systems?

There are numerous reasons why you should consider electronic waiver forms. Apart from being safe to use, electronic waiver forms protect you from lawsuits that may arise. Spas and beauty salons use a variety of chemicals and other substances that may cause allergic reactions in some customers. Given that the customer is supposed to disclose if they have any allergies, without any signed document to confirm this disclosure (or non-disclosure), your spa or beauty business has no legal proof that the client did not disclose such a condition. This leaves you exposed and at risk of financial loss from a lawsuit.

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Top Features of Our Spa and Beauty Digital Waiver Software 

Below are some of the features you can enjoy when you use our spa and beauty digital waiver software:

  • User-friendly Dashboard: Controlling your waiver forms has never been this easy. Rather than end up with files full of papers, electronic waiver forms make it easy to manage your forms. Our user-friendly dashboard gives you a variety of features that allow you to manage the data easily.
  • Make Marketing Easy: Our system connects seamlessly with your marketing applications such as Mailchimp. This ensures that your electronic waiver forms are transformed into powerful sources of marketing data. You can easily use the email addresses and phone numbers on the forms for communication purposes.
  • Easy Setup: Getting your electronic waiver form system working is a breeze. You can also customize the various fields in order to word the document exactly as you want it. You can also set it up in a way that the forms collect the data that you need.

Why Should Spa & Beauty Businesses Work with WaiverFile?

WaiverFile is your best bet when it comes to electronic waiver forms. Our years of experience in this area is reflected in our products. Over the years, we have fine-tuned our waiver form systems to make it as user-friendly and functional as possible. 

If you want to learn more about our electronic waiver solutions for the spa and beauty industry, feel free to contact us today. Be sure to check out our free trial! Do not hesitate to call us at 1(877) 791-9984 or send an email to



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