Churches often engage their congregants in events and activities that involve some element of risk. Most churches rely on paper liability waivers to protect them from legal liability in case anything happens. Even though effective, paper waivers are not secure and might get damaged by various causes. To protect these holy places from such occurrences, WaiverFile has created a digital waiver solution that meets the needs of every church. Our electronic waiver allows churches to create customizable smart waivers that can be signed from anywhere using a computer, mobile phone, or tablet. All signed waivers are stored in a secure database, where they can be searched and retrieved in seconds whenever a need arises.


What are Online Waivers?

A digital waiver is a legal document that contains an agreement between two parties. The first party is known as the releasor, who is the person promising not to sue in case something happens as a result of his/her participation in a particular activity. The second party is the releasee, and this is the person or company that is being released from liability for the risks involved in a particular event. Digital waivers come in an electronic format and offer convenience to both the releaser and the release since they can be signed from multiple devices. 

Why Should Churches Use Electronic Waiver Form Systems?

Electronic waiver form systems have many benefits for churches. They provide them with a convenient and secure way to collect signatures and retrieve signed forms in case of a dispute. Since signed forms are stored in a secure database, churches protect the privacy of their congregants since information cannot be accessed by unauthorized personnel. Digital waivers have proved to be a perfect way of preventing the spread of COVID-19. This is because they are contactless in nature, and parties don’t have to meet to append their signatures. They can do so in advance in the comfort of their homes.

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Top Features of Our Church Digital Waiver Software 

Our church digital waiver software comes with a number of useful features, including:

  • Create customized forms that contain multiple-choice and open-ended questions that participants in a particular church event can answer at their own time. Required fields are enforced so you can make sure they are completed fully based on your requirements.
  • Group participants, according to the activities they will engage in and ensure they have all signed the waiver forms.
  • Get legible information, including names and emails, which you can synchronize with services such as MailChimp and Constant Contact. Churches can then use the email list to send out future announcements and other valuable information.

Why Should Churches Work with WaiverFile?

WaiverFile understands the hassles that churches go through when handling paper liability waivers. This is why we have created a seamless digital waiver system that allows users to collect signatures faster, protect the privacy of their members, and save time and focus on the ministry. In case there are problems during setup, church representatives can get instant assistance from our highly responsive and skilled staff.

If you want to learn more about our electronic waiver solutions for churches, feel free to contact us today. Click here to try WaiverFile free for 30 days. Do not hesitate to call us at 1(877) 791-9984 or send an email to





Start with a Waiver Form Template

To get started faster, check out our free waiver form template for churches.

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