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Waiver Form for School Activities

Would you like to be able to collect waiver signatures online with ease? You're going to need the best waiver software possible. Fortunately, you're already in the right place for that. To meet the needs of any educational facility, we have the perfect software here at WaiverFile. You want to be able to receive signatures without delay. WaiverFile's digital waiver technology makes this fast and easy because, at any time, from any device, waiver forms can be signed by parents and/or students. To keep each signed waiver safe from snoopers and hackers, we use the latest encryption techniques. It's easy to retrieve a waiver from our system in the case of a dispute. You can retrieve it in seconds by typing in the name of the signee or student.

Benefits of Using Educational Facility Waiver Forms

When you use our educational facility digital waiver software, the following are included features:

  • Using other services like Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc., you can synchronize emails and names you've collected.
  • You can ensure that everyone has signed their waiver form. Going by the activities each person has signed on for, you can group your participants.
  • You can personalize your forms with open-ended, multiple-choice questions that participants can answer in advance in an educational forum. Before being submitted, you can make sure forms are totally completed by marking certain questions "required".


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Why Switch to Online Educational Facility Waivers?

You miss out on an opportunity to execute attentive customer service for every minute you have to spend on paper liability waivers. Compared to paper forms, digital waivers aren't as time-consuming and they require less work. Why is that important? It means you are allowed more time to focus on what matters. This includes anything having to do with your particular institution of education. But that's not all. It's more secure to use digital waivers – something that concerns any number of individuals today. To ensure all data is safe from cybercriminals, we use enterprise-grade security here at WaiverFile.

How Can Your Educational Facility Business Implement Electronic Waivers?

As good as all of this sounds, no one's going to use it if it isn't quick and easy – which it is. All you have to do is open an account with WaiverFile using the form below. Our free sample online waiver template will be automatically installed. Edit it as needed, add questions, and you can start gathering signatures, information, and more through the use of smartphones, tablets, website widgets, emails, etc. 

If you have any questions about using online educational facility waivers, feel free to contact us today.

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Microsoft Word Version

Using online waiver forms is the fastest and easiest way to collect, but if you'd still like a Word version you can download it below.