Party/Event Management Features

We know how hectic running parties and events can be, especially when you're trying to make sure everyone has a signed waiver. WaiverFile's event features make sense of it all. 

WaiverFile Events Overview / Tutorial

How it works

Our events system is designed to be powerful, yet incredibly easy to use. Start by creating a new event. The new event form only needs a name and date to get started. Once saved, your signature screen will offer customers a list of upcoming events to choose from. When they select and sign their form, you'll see a list of all the participants signed for that event organized together in the dashboard.
Create a Waiver Event
Waiver Event Selection Screen

Add Event Managers to delegate event coordinator work

You can add the email address of a party manager or group organizer when creating the event. This will send an email to this person inviting them to manage the event. They'll be able to log in and see a list of everyone who has signed their waiver. They don't receive administrative access, just view-only access to the names of signees for the event you specify. This is quite useful when you want to delegate the job of ensuring that all participants have their waivers complete to someone else. 

Direct link to waiver for event

In addition to selecting the event from the main screen, you can use the direct link to that event's signing screen to send customers directly to the place they need to be. After creating the event, right click on the 'Event Link' button, and click on Copy Link. This will give you the address just to that event. Include this link in emails that are sent to attendees, or share any other way you might share a web URL. 

QR Codes for Events

Use the QR code generator to print out a QR code that customers can scan with their mobile phone which will take them directly to the signing page for that event. 

QR code scanning

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