WaiverFile SMS Text Messaging

WaiverFile offers a built-in text messaging platform! As more customers turn to text messaging for communication, it’s important for businesses to leverage this form of communication to better reach out. 

When customers need to sign a waiver, it’s a perfect time to offer a chance to opt-in to SMS alerts, messages and promotions. It’s quick and easy for customers to enter their number, which they were likely going to add anyway. 


98 percent of adults in the US own a mobile phone
90 percent of messages are opened and responded to within 3 minutes
sms messages have a 19% click through rate (CTR)



Automatic Text Messages

Configure text messages to be sent out automatically based on date signed, event dates, or birthdays

Setup is easy, just configure the messages you want to send and when they should go out. By targeting the sending time of these messages, they can be extremely effective. Include links with our built-in short link tool. 

Texting Campaigns

Build lists of SMS subscribers based on details collected as part of your waiver form and schedule targeted sms blasts to be sent out for promotions or other notifications. 

How it works:

  1. Register and get a sending number
    Enter your business number and we will assign you a new sending number. 

  2. Mobile number fields are added to your waiver form

  3. Schedule automatic messages and build campaigns!

Scheduling an SMS campaign

Learn more: Getting started with SMS messaging in WaiverFile


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