Electronic Waivers for Sports Tournaments

If you're looking for a way to manage electronic waivers for sports tournaments, our software is the solution you've been searching for. WaiverFile makes it easy for parents to sign waivers, coaches and managers to share waiver links with their teams, and for tournament operators to manage the waivers in a streamlined way.

Sign Waivers In Advance

One of the biggest benefits of our waiver software is that it makes it easier for parents to sign waivers. Instead of having to fill out a paper waiver or send an email with a digital waiver attached, parents can simply click a link and sign the waiver online. This saves time and hassle for both parents and tournament operators, making the entire process more efficient.

Coach/Manager Access

Additionally, coaches and managers can share waiver links with their teams. This means that they don't have to collect individual waivers from each team member and send them in separately. Instead, they can simply share a link and have each team member sign the waiver electronically. This offloads the work of the tournament operator and makes the process more efficient for everyone involved.

Finally, WaiverFile allows tournament operators to log in and see who has signed each waiver, either in total or by team. This means that you can easily track which team members have completed their waivers and which still need to sign. This helps tournament operators stay organized and on top of the waiver process, making the entire tournament run more smoothly.


Waiver Manager Access Screen

Overall, WaiverFile is the perfect solution for managing electronic waivers for sports tournaments. It makes the process easier for parents, coaches, managers, and tournament operators, saving time and hassle and streamlining the entire process.


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