WaiverFile Workflows

WaiverFile has a custom workflow feature that lets you setup and organize your waiver forms in any number of groupings that you need. Use it to collect a series of forms together in a row, or to organize different groups for events, tournaments and more! 

Workflow diagramA Custom Tree of Steps

Each workflow can be set up with a nested group of steps for customers to be grouped into. Customers will be able to navigate through the steps to find where they need to go and sign their waiver. Direct links to steps can be used as well, and managers can be invited to see signees for their steps. 

Invite Managers

Much like the manager option found in our Events feature, you can invite managers to steps within a workflow. Just add the email address of someone who is responsible for collecting waivers for a particular group in your workflow, and they will be invited to see a list of names of signees. This means they can quickly check who has signed for their group anytime, and you can delegate out the work of making sure waivers are signed in advance to group coordinators. 

Perfect for Sports Tournaments

With WaiverFile Workflows, you can collect waivers for hundreds of teams easily and more organized than ever before. Import all your teams, group them by division, age, gender, or any other way you like. Invite managers and coaches so they can make sure all their players have signed waivers on file. Managers can send out direct links to their players as well, making it quick and easier for parents to go in and complete the necessary forms. 

Sports Tournament Tutorial

Multiple Waivers in a Series

Signing more than one waiver can often be cumbersome - following different links and completing the same form fields over and over. To solve this, the WaiverFile Workflows feature lets you setup forms in a series. Customers sign waivers one at a time with a progress bar on top so they can see their progress. Form fields that are the same are carried over automatically, saving time in completing each form.

Navigating a series of waiver forms


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Learn more about how to use Workflows in WaiverFile in our help center. 

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