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Your check-in flow has never been more efficient, easy, or faster with the use of WaiverScan to get your customers checked in and ready! The WaiverScan app is an amazing tool that speeds entry by allowing you to quickly scan your customer’s confirmation QR code they receive upon signing a waiver. Once their QR code is scanned, your dashboard will automatically mark that customer off as checked-in. It’s as quick as that!

Customers can complete and sign their waivers prior to their arrival. Once they complete a waiver, they will receive a QR code ticket on screen and via email. This is what you’ll scan to get them checked in upon arrival. Customers can sign waivers online at home, on their phones, or at an on-site kiosk through the WaiverFile app if your business offers it. 

These options allow you to collect signatures anywhere, anytime, at your customers' convenience! If your customers are using an on-site kiosk to sign their waivers, you can set up an option for receipt printing on the kiosk. This allows your customers to print out a confirmation receipt with their check-in QR code on the receipt for you to scan.

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Download the WaiverScan App

To find the WaiverScan app in any of the app stores, just search for WaiverFile, or use the buttons below. 

WaiverScan Makes Your Check-In Process FAST and EASY

This easy-to-use WaiverScan app is compatible with iOS, Android. For a dedicated scanner, it also supports  the Zebra TC-21 Barcode Scanner. This application can transform the way you manage events or navigate busy days. This uncomplicated check-in process helps take the stress off your employees as they try to keep up with the lines of customers waiting to check in. Now you can avoid bottlenecking lines with this breeze of a check-in process!

Scanning each QR code just takes an instant. Once you scan a valid QR code, you will see an on-screen confirmation including the names and headcount for that waiver. The check-in will be synchronized to WaiverFile and appear in the dashboard... 

If you typically manage large crowds, then you can use WaiverScan on several devices at once to get customers checked in and ready to go even faster! This is a great way to keep both customers and staff happy and keep lines short and moving quickly.

WaiverScan is Great for Many Business Types

If you’re scanning QR codes using an iOS or Android device, simply turn on the camera mode within the app and start scanning. If you’re using a Zebra Barcode Scanner, all you have to do is use its built-in scanner—no camera setting is needed for this device!

One of the best features about WaiverScan is that it doesn’t have to be online to work—this app works perfectly offline as well! You can check customers in from anywhere. Whether you’re checking people in before an outdoor adventure far away from the internet or your internet goes down unexpectedly, there’s no need to panic. WaiverScan saves the data it has scanned on each device and will update your check-in dashboard once it reconnects to the internet. You can breathe better knowing your data will never be lost, even if you’re in the middle of nowhere!

The WaiverScan app is an amazing tool that your business can use to make check-ins as easy as possible for both you and your customer. It’s simple to use, and it makes check-ins much more efficient and speedy. If you’re looking to upgrade your business experience, download it now to revolutionize your check-in process!


WaiverFile is all about making the waiver experience easy and efficient for your company, and some of our favorite features are our many check-in options! We offer a variety of ways for customers to sign their waivers and complete an uncomplicated check-in upon arrival, benefiting both you and your customers.

What is the WaiverFile Check-In Dashboard?

A waiver is only as good as its signature—that’s why it’s very important for your company to accurately track who has completed and signed their waivers upon arrival. The WaiverFile check-in dashboard allows you to easily keep track of who has or hasn’t completed their waivers and checked in yet, either for an event or general admission. The dashboard feature greatly simplifies the check-in process for your business.

Once your customer arrives, you can check them in by checking off the check box to the left of their name on the dashboard, or if you are using the WaiverScan app, then your customer will automatically be checked in once their waiver QR code is scanned.

WaiverFile check-in dashboard

You can organize your dashboard in a variety of ways: by a specific event, date signed,, or by those who have checked in already. Or, you can choose to hide those who have already checked in, opting to only view those who haven’t yet checked in. Adjust your view to what works best for you at the particular time. It’s that simple!

If you are a company that puts on group events, then it may be beneficial for you to sort your dashboard by the particular birthday party or event that is happening that day. Whichever way you choose to sort your dashboard, there is a row on the bottom of the page that displays the total number of people who have checked in and the total number of those who have not checked in yet.

Check-in shouldn’t have to be complicated; that’s why we make it easier for you by offering several different ways for you to sort through your signed waivers each day! The WaiverFile dashboard easily allows you to see who has and hasn’t yet checked in at a glance.

Search for Waivers

Looking for a specific waiver? No problem. The waiver search box in the top left of your dashboard allows you to easily find the exact waiver you’re looking for in seconds. You can use this feature by typing in a customer’s name or phone number into the waiver search box, and it will immediately pull up and display the results that match your search. 

Whether you’re looking for a specific waiver from your current day or one from over a year ago, this feature works the same! It’ll immediately show whether a customer has signed their waiver. Gone are the days of spending your time and energy sorting through stacks and stacks of paper waivers; now each waiver is at your fingertips with just a few clicks on the keyboard!

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