Integrations: Automatically Sync Data with Other Services

Wouldn't it be great if the names and email addresses that you collect on your waiver forms could be sent over to your email marketing and other services automatically? We thought so too, so we have included a series of connectors to services such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and others! 

It's just a few clicks to get the connectors set up, and once they are enabled, the data that you collect on your forms will be automatically sent to the services that you use for email marketing, CRM, and more. 

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Zapier is a powerful integration system that integrates with thousands of online services. You can setup "Zaps" that will take actions automatically based on certain criteria. For example, you can make it so whenever a new waiver is signed in WaiverFile, any number of different actions are triggered. From sending emails or SMS messages, to passing customer data into your CRM, the possibilities are limitless. Learn how to connect WaiverFile and Zapier and visit to get an account. 

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Mailchimp is a leader in email marketing services. Their interface is easy to use and has a variety of features that will help you stay in touch with your customers. Learn more at

The WaiverFile-Mailchimp connector will automatically send the names and emails that you collect on your electronic waiver forms to your Mailchimp mailing lists. How to connect WaiverFile and Mailchimp


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Constant Contact

Constant Contact makes it easy to manage your email marketing mailing lists and subscriber newsletters. Learn more about their service at

The WaiverFile-ConstantContact connector automatically sends names and email addresses from your Waiver forms to your Constant Contact mailing lists. With just a few clicks, you'll be up and running. How to connect WaiverFile and Constant Contact




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PicThrive provides a better way for marketing and sharing experience souvenir photos and videos. With its unified sales and marketing platform, PicThrive enables tour operators to offer a photo & video purchasing experience that captures every sale. Whether your sales take place in-store or online, PicThrive is optimized to maximize sales and help your customers take home unforgettable photo or video memories. Learn more here: PicThrive Website


GetResponse Integration


GetResponse is a robust marketing solution and offers a variety of tools to collect and manage customer contact information. The WaiverFile GetResponse connector will automatically synchronize customers who opt-in via your waiver form to your GetResponse marketing system. Learn more here: How to connect WaiverFile and GetResponse


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Signpost CRM Software

It's easy to connect WaiverFile with Signpost, further enhancing the CRM capabilities of their software by pushing new data as it is collected via waiver forms. Learn more about how to leverage Signpost's CRM capabilities at Learn how to configure the Signpost-WaiverFile connector



US Lacrosse

US Lacrosse

For US Lacrosse member organization and events, WaiverFile integrates to verify active memberships. The event-based nature of the service makes it easy organize league events and tournaments. Learn more here

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