WaiverFile SMS Text Messaging

WaiverFile now has a fully integrated SMS text messaging platform that you can use to send automated text messages to your customers. SMS texting is growing in popularity and can be a far more effective way to reach customers than email. With WaiverFile’s automated SMS features, you can configure messages to be sent automatically after signing a waiver or other times, such as after check-in, event start/end or even birthday. Learn more below about how to setup and use this powerful set of features. 

SMS Setup

To get started, log into your dashboard. On the left hand menu, select Text Messaging. An overview page will be displayed. Below the intro, there is a form to get started. Enter your business phone number. When you submit the form, a sending phone number will be issued to your account. The number you enter will determine the area code of the new number. We try to issue numbers in your same area code so when customers receive messages, it is coming from a local number. Additionally, if someone tries to make a voice call to this number, they will be provided with your business’s phone number so they can contact you. 

Video Demo

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