Collect Waivers Anywhere!

WaiverFile makes it easy to collect waivers on a tablet, computer or mobile device. Customers can go to your website to sign in advance, or you can set up a kiosk on-site!


Waiver Kiosk on iPad - WaiverFile

Sign Waivers on Any Device

With WaiverFile you can collect electronic signatures anywhere!

Signing in advance saves check-in time. You can share the link to your waiver forms easily via email, SMS text message, or directly on your website! 

How to share your waiver form

Waiver signing kiosk and smartphone

Fast Check-In

Streamline your entry process and ensure every participant has a signed waiver with WaiverFile's comprehensive verification tools. Our innovative WaiverScan app allows you to scan confirmation codes for instant entry, eliminating the hassle of manual checks. Gain real-time insights into your waiver status with the intuitive WaiverFile dashboard. View recent entries, group participants by event or party, and effortlessly check off names as customers arrive. Access essential waiver information at your fingertips with our easy-to-use list view.

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WaiverFile Fast Check-In

Parties, Events and Groups

WaiverFile stands alone when it comes to events and groups. It's hard to keep track of groups of customers and make sure everyone has their waiver signed. WaiverFile organizes participants by event making it easy to keep track of each group and ensure that everyone has completed their waiver. 

About WaiverFile Party/Event Features

Electronic Signatures

SMS Text Messaging

WaiverFile offers a text messaging feature that efficiently assembles a database of customer phone numbers, seamlessly gathering information during the waiver process. Send automated SMS text messages post-signing or triggered by various factors like event dates, birthdays, and beyond!

SMS Features

Automatic SMS Text Messaging

Automatically Sync with Other Services

WaiverFile automatically synchronizes your data with the other services you use, such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, Zapier, and more! The names, email addresses and other data that you collect on your waiver forms can be automatically sent to the email marketing services that you already use. Learn what services we connect to

Sync with MailChimp, Constant Contact, More...


If your organization or business handles any type of protected health information (PHI) in the United States, you are required to comply with HIPAA privacy and security standards that protect the personal information that you collect. Our HIPAA-Compliant waiver form solution will help you collect PHI safely and maintain HIPAA compliance. Learn more

HIPAA Compliant Waiver Form Solution 

Custom Form Fields

Setting up your waiver form is quick and easy with WaiverFile. Add your agreement text and setup all your question fields, including text boxes, multiple choice and more! 

How it works

Waiver form questions that are easy to setup

Edit Signed Waivers & Add Notes

WaiverFile includes a feature to edit waiver forms after they have been completed. All the values collected can be edited to make corrections or changes, so if you use the values entered for tracking or other purposes, you can adjust things as needed. Since a Waiver form is a legal agreement, the original signed copy is always retained. Whenever viewing an edited version of the form, a notice is shown on top to make it clear that this is the edited version. You can always view the original and also restore to that version. 

There is also an admin note feature that you can use to attach internal notes to each waiver. Create and edit notes for you and your staff for anything you need. Notes are encrypted and secure, and a version history is also tracked so you can review changes in the notes over time. 

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Editing Signed Waivers
Admin Notes

Automatic Waiver Archiving

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