How to Archive or Download Waivers

All waivers collected via WaiverFile are stored in our secure database. Even still, there are a number of reasons you may want to download hard copies of your waivers. 

Downloading everything is easy. 

You can download a copy of all your waivers from the site admin under the Archive button. Choose the date range you need and you'll receive a zip file containing all the waivers from the range you specified. The zip file will contain a table of contents file which will make it easier to find the waivers within the directory. Waivers will be organized by name and event. Each waiver itself will consist of a separate file. 

Automatic Archiving

You can download an archive anytime, but you can also have one delivered weekly. Under your waiver site settings, you can choose to receive a zip file once per week with all the waivers that have been collected. This can be useful if you need to retain a separate copy for auditing purposes, or if you just like to have a separate copy. 


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