Using Google Chrome in Kiosk Mode for Waiver Entry

If you are using a Windows computer as a waiver entry station, we have found that Google Chrome is a great tool for configuring that machine as a Kiosk. You can configure it to open full screen in kiosk mode to your WaiverFile signature area, and we've also added a new auto-print option as well. Let's go over how to set this up. 

1. Download and install Google Chrome

Chrome is a free browser from Google. Follow the link below to download a copy:

2. Add a shortcut to Chrome on your desktop

If you don't already have a shortcut there, you can add one: 
  • Right click your desktop and click New >> Shortcut
  • You can use the browse link to find the Chrome application. 
    The default installation location is:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\Chrome.exe
  • Choose this and continue making the shortcut

3. Customize your shortcut to use kiosk mode: 

  • Right click your new shortcut, and select Properties
  • Click the Shortcut Tab
  • In the field labeled "Target", add the following options AFTER chrome.exe:
  • --kiosk-printing  --kiosk ADDRESS
  • Be sure to swap out the YOUR ADDRESS portion with your own WaiverFile signing address. 
  • Click OK

4. Optionally, enable auto-printing

If you have your kiosk connected to a printer, you may want to automatically print a copy of each waiver or a receipt. To make this work, in your WaiverFile admin dashboard, you can setup automatic printing. When enabled, a copy of the form will automatically print after signing. If you would rather it be a receipt or some other format, please contact us and we can help customize what is printed.

Here's how to enable the automatic print function: 
  • Go to your WaiverFile admin dashboard
  • Go to Settings >> General Settings
  • Down near the bottom, the page is split into two columns. Under the Device Version, check the box that reads "Auto Print Receipt"
  • Click Save at the bottom of the page. 

If you only want specific waiver forms to auto-print, after enabling the auto-print feature you can disable it for individual forms. To do so: 

  • Enable the Auto-Print Receipt feature as shown in screenshot above
  • Go to Waiver Forms on the left-hand menu
  • For each form that you do NOT want to auto-print, click on Advanced Settings
  • Check the Disable Auto-Print box
  • Click Save
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