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How to Setup Electronic Waivers for a Sports Tournament with WaiverFile

WaiverFile’s Workflow feature makes collecting and organizing electronic waivers for sports tournaments quick and easy. Rather than pushing everything together into one big messy list, workflows let us group things by tournament, division, conference, gender, team, or any other element you can think of! 

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How to Share Your Waiver Online

WaiverFile offers advanced online waiver signing so check-in will be quick, easy and stress-free. Several options are provided so that a digital waiver can be signed from any computer, tablet, smartphone or from your location.

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How to Get People to Sign Release Forms

Does your business need guests and clients to sign release forms before participating in events and activities? If so, it is important to make sure everyone signs the necessary documents. Find out how to do it and make it easy! 

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Ensuring Your Waiver Is Legally Enforceable

The most important thing about a waiver form is ensuring it is legally enforceable. Read on to find out some best practices.

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Benefits Of Online Waiver Forms

Every business knows the benefits of a well-drafted waiver form, but have you ever considered utilizing online forms

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How Do Liability Waivers Work With Minors?

Many businesses may wonder how liability waivers work with minors as any contract signed by one is not considered legally valid. Read on to find out more.

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How To Draft Liability Waivers for Event Appearances and Tours

Do you manage high profile clients with book tours, music tours, or event appearances? Liability waiver forms are essential for all on-the-road types of tours and activities.

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When Are Release Forms Required for Filming?

Release forms are necessary any time someone wants to sell or distribute videos. Find out more about release forms for filming to protect your company, entity, or business from legal issues. 

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Should Parents Sign Waiver Forms For Teenage Parties?

Many parents may have been asked to sign a waiver form before their teenager can attend a party. Read on to find out more about its legality.

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Is It Worth It To Draft A Liability Waiver?

Not sure if getting a liability waiver written is worth it? Read on to find out more on its pros and cons.

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Waivers Can Prevent Lawsuits When A Child Gets A Sport Injury

If you’re working in a sports organization, you’ll want to find out how to use waivers to prevent lawsuits. Read to learn more about sports waivers.

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What Is An Event Liability Waiver?

 Working as an event organizer? Here’s how an event liability waiver can help to protect your business! Read on to learn more.

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Why Businesses Are Switching To Electronic Waivers

Electronic waivers are accessible, trustworthy and transparent. That is why so many businesses are switching to electronic waivers.

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How to Ensure Online Waivers are Authentic, Valid and Strong

How can you make sure that the electronic waivers you collect are valid? WaiverFile includes a number of features to ensure that your waivers are authentic and valid. 

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Why You Always Need Video Participants to Sign Release Forms

Any time someone appears in a video, whether for a social media ad, a music video, or documentary, it is important to ensure that they sign video participant release forms. 

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3 Ways to Help Speed Up the Waiver Signing Process

If you could give your customers a faster way to sign their waiver, would you do it? Of course you would! The faster that customers can complete their check in process, the happier they will be. We’ve worked hard to develop features that help streamline. Here are 3 quick tips you can use to make your customer's signing experience faster. 

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Are E-Signatures Legal? About the E-SIGN Act and UETA

The Uniform Electronics Transactions Act (UETA) was enacted in 1999 at the state level to provide legal guidelines for the validation of online signatures. The UETA also details the validity of online signatures and business transactions, but it was enacted into federal law in 2000. Both acts establish that electronic signatures and manual signatures are equivalent means to form a binding contract and/or agreement.

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How to set up electronic waiver forms

Getting Started with WaiverFile

Our new video will walk you through the initial setup of WaiverFile and setting up your first electronic waiver form. In just a few minutes you'll be online taking waivers and making your business more efficient! 

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What Types of Businesses Benefit from Electronic Waivers?

Waivers are essential, legal documents that provide businesses with the protection necessary to manage their legal risk.With WaiverFile, businesses, small and large, can expedite the waiver process by allowing consumers to read, acknowledge and complete the liability forms online before participating in an activity. What kind of businesses can use this kind of service?

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How Electronic Waivers Can Streamline Your Business

If your business requires liability release waivers from customers, then you already know how cumbersome getting them all signed can be. As customers arrive, they need to spend time filling out the form, and then you or your staff have to collect and organize all those pieces of paper. This can be a frustrating task, especially with larger groups. It’s also possible that some customers may be overlooked, creating possible liability.

So what's the answer?

Electronic waivers help solve all these problems, and bring additional benefits as well. When customers can sign their waiver digitally, the process is faster for several reasons.

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WaiverFile - Sign E-Waivers With a Real Signature

We are excited to announce a new feature released this week: signatures! Previously, agreements were made by clicking the ‘I Agree’ button. Now customers can sign their name! If on a computer, the signature is made using your mouse. If on a tablet or mobile device, such as an iphone or ipad, the customer can sign using their finger or a stylus.

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