3 Ways to Help Speed Up the Waiver Signing Process

October 17, 2017

If you could give your customers a faster way to sign their waiver, would you do it? 

Of course you would! 

The faster that customers can complete their check in process, the happier they will be. We’ve worked hard to develop features that help streamline. Here are 3 quick tips you can use to make your customer's signing experience faster. 

Use QR codes

Example QR Code Flyer QR codes are a fantastic way to speed up the signing process for your customers. If you have a line of people waiting to check in, you can post QR codes that customers can scan with their smartphones. When they do so, they’ll be taken to the waiver form that they can complete on their iPhone or Android device. WaiverFile includes a QR code creator so it’s easy to generate the print materials you need. This can be as simple as printing out the PDF that is generated, and you can also download high resolution vector format QR codes that make for quality printed materials. You can also generate QR codes for specific forms in your account or individual events. 

Email a link to the waiver 

Emailing the link to the waiver is another great way to get waivers signed in advance, cutting down on check-in time. Whenever you create an event or contact a customer, you can send the link to either the main waiver signing screen or to a specific form or event. 

Link to your waiver on your website, or embed it

Adding a link to your waiver on your website is also a good way to make it easy for customers to sign in advance. You can create a normal link anywhere on your site, or also use one of the share buttons that WaiverFile provides. There are a variety of different styles to choose from. There is also an option to embed the form directly on your own site, which can give your form a consistent look and help promote your brand image. To find options for linking, just go to your admin screen and select Settings >> Share Buttons

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Sign Anywhere

WaiverFile lets you collect your waivers from all types of devices. Getting your forms out there means more people will sign in advance, saving you time and making things more efficient.

Sign on any device

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