How to Organize Sports Tournaments With WaiverFile

December 22, 2021

WaiverFile’s Workflow feature makes collecting and organizing waivers for sports tournaments quick and easy. Rather than pushing everything together into one big messy list, workflows let us group things by tournament, division, conference, gender, team, or any other element you can think of! 

In this example, we will go over the process of setting up WaiverFile with a workflow to handle a sample sports tournament. We will organize everything into teams and invite coaches and managers to see a list of their players who have signed. 

We’ll begin by creating a new workflow and the base steps: 

  • We’ll name the tournament and choose General Admission for the mode. This will place the button for the tournament directly on the main landing page. If running lots of tournaments, you may find it better to tie each one to an event to make selection easier. If that’s the case, just choose Event mode, and after setting up the rest, create an event and choose this workflow.

  • Next let’s break the groups down into referees and staff, versus coaches and players. Click Add Step and add create the steps. 

  • In our example, we have 3 different waiver forms to choose from. One each for Coaches, Referees/Staff, and Players. In your use case, you may have one form for anything, or some other combination of forms. With WaiverFile you can choose which forms go where in each workflow, so you have flexibility to set it up any way you need. To add the forms, go to the Forms tab and click Add Forms. In our case, we have different forms depending on which group we are in, so we will go to the Next Steps tab and choose Players and Coaches. Then we will go to Forms >> Add Forms, and select the player and coach waiver forms. 

  • To get back to the other areas, click on the breadcrumbs links above the main grid. Then choose the Referees step and repeat, selecting the appropriate forms. 

  • Now we can import the teams and invite the managers. To do this, navigate to the Players and Coaches step. Click on Excel Import on the top right. 

  • Your excel file should have a column for the team names, and optionally the manager or coach invites. After selecting the file, check the box if you have a header row. Verify that the target step is correct in the dropdown list. Then click next. 

  • For each column of your sheet, choose what field it represents. In our example, we just have two columns, one for the team name, which will set to “Step Name” (each team becomes a step underneath the current one) and one for the manager email. Once configured, choose Next Step. 

  • On the preview page, confirm the data looks correct. 

  • Click Complete Import and the steps will be created and invitations sent.


If you want to setup the teams but not send the invitations right away, you can omit the invite columns from the import and run it again later. Teams that already exist will not be imported again, instead they will just be updated and the invites will be sent. 

Now let’s review the signature pages. Click Signature Area on the top right. The tournament button is there, but the General Admission button remains. If we want to remove that, go back to the dashboard, then to Customize >> Labels, and look for the General Admission label. Make it blank and save down at the bottom. This will hide the button. 

Back to the signature area, we just have one button now. Click on the tournament button and you’ll see choices for Players and Coaches or Referees/Staff. Clicking the first button brings up a list of teams. Select one and then you’ll choose player or coach and complete the appropriate form. 

Managers will receive an email invitation with two links. One is to the waiver that they can pass along to their team. The other is to the manager area where they can log in and see a list of the players that have signed for their team. The complete waivers are not shown, just a list of names is provided. 

To review waivers once they are signed from the dashboard, go to Workflows on the left. Then click on View Waivers next to your workflow. You will navigate through the steps much like the signature area, however instead of the form loading, you’ll see a list of completed waivers in each respective step. 

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