Customize A Waiver for Your Event Waiver post COVID-19

April 22, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a pause on mass in-person events for the foreseeable future. As the CDC and the government work on finding a way to safely carry out large-scale events with minimal risk, signs of life returning to a modified version of normalcy are started to emerge. Whereas event organizers and hosts may have requested that event attendees sign waivers prior to COVID, event waivers post COVID-19 will now be mandatory for any official large gathering.  

Waiver release forms can serve many purposes, one of which being an acknowledgement that the attendees of an event will adhere to the guidelines and protocols set in place by the venue.  Post COVID, having attendees sign waivers will absolve a venue and/or its organizers of any safety, health, or legal responsibility in the unfortunate event that a person case contracts COVID or infects another attendee as a result of not following the rules.  

How Will Events Be Different Post COVID-19?

Government guidelines, social distancing protocols, and a general vigilance for health and safety have all changed since the presence of COVID-19. These factors will and have already impacted how events post COVID-19 will be run and hosted. While many event spaces and organizers have turned to virtual platforms to host seminars, workshops, and classes, in-person events are gradually making a comeback. That said, they look a bit different from what we were once used to. 

Venues are adhering to strict hygiene practices through increased cleaning, accessible hand sanitizer stations, and physical distancing markers in place. Additionally, social distancing measures limit the number of people allowed in a public place to keep crowds to a minimum.  

Customizing an Event Waiver Post COVID-19

Event waivers protect venues and their organizers from potential liabilities and lawsuits. In many cases, just the existence of waiver forms for events may be all that participants need to deter them from acting out or breaking the rules. There are several key points to keep in mind when customizing an event waiver post COVID-19.

  • Keep language in the waiver form clear and easy to understand. Avoid using complicated legal jargon, as it may discredit the waiver form in the event it gets contested in court on the grounds that an average layperson would not be able to decipher its meaning.  
  • Take affirmative agreement to the waiver form by having attendees sign or click a button to indicate that they have read the waiver and agree to its terms. 
  • Ensure that attendees have enough time to review the waiver to the point of reasonably understanding the terms laid out. Consider sending it to them digitally to allow for sufficient time for review. 
  • Have on-site signs serve as a reminder of the COVID-10 waiver. Consider putting up a sign telling people not to enter if they are experiencing any symptoms of the disease.
  • Make sure all waiver signees are legal adults (18 and older); if they are minors, have a legal guardian sign the waiver prior to the minor attending the event.  

An event waiver post COVID-19 is designed to absolve venues and event organizers of liability and responsibility if an event attendee gets sick at or during an event or infects another person as a result of having been at the event. Having all attendees sign event waiver forms confirms that every participant entered at their own risk and agreed to abide by the safety precautions and social distancing protocols enforced by the venue.

Many venues choose to collect event waivers for events post COVID online; this not only reduces the costs of printing out documents and simplifies paperwork processes, but it also goes in line with contactless protocols, which further enforces safety measures. 

Post COVID-19 events will undoubtedly be different. As venues open up and larger gatherings start to return, digital waiver forms for events will help event planners and event organizers stay ready, prepared, and protected.  

Disclaimer: The content on this site is not legal advice. No attorney-client relationship is established. To ensure your online consent form is legally binding based on your location, industry, and specific circumstances, consult a legal professional in your area.

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