COVID-19 Reopening


Updating Your Waiver Form to Include COVID-19

Protecting yourself and your business from liabilities is important. That is one of the many reasons that COVID-19 waiver forms have become a norm during the past year.

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Should Your Business Require Employees And Customers To Sign Waivers?

There are certain businesses that need both employees and clients to sign waivers.  Learn more about if your business should require employees and customers to sign waivers. 

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Customize A Waiver for Your Event Waiver post COVID-19

Using an event waiver post COVID-19 is a safety precaution that may help protect against potential lawsuits for live events post COVID. 

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How Liability Waivers Can Protect Businesses During Reopening

Preparing to open up for business again? Consider how the use of a liability waiver can help protect your business. Read on to find out more.

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Increasing Number Of Athletes Required To Sign Waivers Post-COVID

There has been an increasing number of athletes required to sign waivers before they return to campus. Read on for more on COVID-related waivers and how they work.

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Why Your Business Needs a Covid19 Liability Waiver

To protect your own business, implement an online COVID19 liability waiver to be signed by your customers. It's a good way to avoid any potential legal trouble while still being able to welcome them back. 

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