Automatically Send Customer Data to Mailchimp

WaiverFile makes it easy to send names and emails that you collect in your waivers over to your Mailchimp account. In this article we will show you how you can get this set up in just a few clicks. 
Synchronizing the data you collect in your online waivers with your bulk email provider is a smart way to reach more potential customers. For example, if your business hosts birthday parties for kids, you will wind up collecting the names and email addresses of all the parents who attend. Having these email addresses will allow you to market to all those parents that you might not have reached otherwise. 

How To connect Mailchimp to WaiverFile: 

  1. Log into your admin dashboard
  2. Go to Settings >> Connectors
  3. Under the Mailchimp connector, click on Setup
  4. Click the Connect to Mailchimp button
  5. Log into your Mailchimp account
  6. Approve WaiverFile's access to your account
  7. Click on Configure Settings to Activate
  8. Choose the list you want to send the data to
  9. Click on Save and Activate

Now that your connector is active, WaiverFile will send any new names and emails over to your Mailchimp account once per hour.  

How-To Video

Here is a video showing how to get the Mailchimp connector set up in your account: 

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