WaiverFile Aventri Integration

The integration with Aventri involves a custom initial setup. Contact support before beginning the setup process.

In Aventri, you will want to add one or more custom questions in your Attendee Info settings. These questions will be updated automatically when new waivers are signed. 

To set up the questions: 

  • Log into Aventri
  • Click on the event template that you are working with
  • Click on the edit icon on the top-left below the template name
  • Under Attendee Info, select Active Questions
  • Click Add a question
  • Name your question using one of the pre-set question names below. 
  • Set the input type to Single line of Text
  • For visibility, we recommend setting it to be visible to admin users but not public users, as these fields are generally meant to be internal and not customer facing. 
  • Click Save. 
Aventri Logo

Fields that will update with each signature: 

  • waiverfile participant count
  • waiverfile signee names
  • waiverfile participant names
  • waiverfile waiver count

Fields will send but replace with the latest item’s data. 
Best if only used for single waivers per attendee.

  • waiverfile date signed
  • waiverfile url


To get the link to customers for signing, customize your registration emails to include a link that passes in their event ID and attendee ID.

To do this: 

  • Select your event Template
  • go to Event Info >> Event Emails
  • Edit your confirmation email.
    • This can be done on any emails that should logically include the link
  • In the HTML content box, include a link using this code: 
    • <a href="https://www.waiverfile.com/b/YOURURLHERE?wfi_evtid=*/eventid/*&wfi_attid=*/referencenumber/*">click here</a>
  • In the text content box, include the link like this:
    • https://www.waiverfile.com/b/YOURURLHERE?wfi_evtid=*/eventid/*&wfi_attid=*/referencenumber/*

These links will automatically direct the user to your page and pass in the ID's needed to tie that signature back to their registration record in Aventri.

For sending the link, you can go to any page within the signing area starting here:

Then append the following QueryString parameters: 
wfi_evtid=____ - the event ID from Aventri
wfi_attid=____- the attendee ID from Aventri
Note when adding query string parameters you must start with a ‘?’ And then use ‘&’ for each additional.


Here are a few examples: 


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