Why Businesses Are Switching To Electronic Waivers

February 10, 2021

Are electronic waivers a thing now? Yes, they sure are! An increasing number of businesses have been switching over to electronic waivers over the years. This is thanks to the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-Sign Act), which was passed into law in 2000, where signing an electronic waiver with an electronic signature is now considered as legally binding as a signature on paper. So, what are the advantages of electronic waivers and why are businesses switching to them? There are 3 main reasons - accessibility, trustworthiness, and transparency.

Electronic Waivers are Much More Accessible

Electronic waivers are more accessible and convenient as compared to traditional waiver forms. Rather than arriving at the place and spending half an hour reading the traditional waiver form, one can easily read and sign the electronic waivers days or weeks beforehand. This not only quickens the process of signing the waivers, but it also provides sufficient time for participants to read through the waiver form properly instead of having to rush through reading the form on the day itself. This will be useful especially for companies with high-adventure activities. It will be beneficial for both the participants and the company to get the liability waiver form signed as soon as possible An electronic waiver solves this problem as the participants can easily obtain the waiver form online, read it and sign it without having to be at the store physically.

Electronic Waivers are Trustworthy

There have been instances where companies cross out certain pieces of information in the traditional waiver form and initialed by the participant. This problem will not exist in an electronic waiver. An electronic waiver will list out the terms and conditions clearly online. Neither the firm nor the participant has the ability to manipulate or change any wording in the document itself. Everything is laid out black and white, with no ambiguity. Therefore, participants can feel safe signing the electronic waivers.

Full Transparency in the Electronic Waivers

With traditional paper waiver forms, the document becomes the property of the business who presented it to the participant once it is signed. The participants will rarely, if not never, receive a copy of the document they have just signed. However, this would not be the case for an electronic waiver. Both the business and participant will receive a time-stamped copy of the document in question. This ensures transparency as both parties will have a copy of the signed document and therefore, no party will be able to alter the document in any way.

With all the advantages that come with electronic waivers, it is no wonder why many businesses are switching to it. WaiverFile is an electronic waiver form system that will let their customers sign their release waivers from a computer, tablet or mobile device. Head on to their website to get a free trial today!

Disclaimer: The content on this site is not legal advice. No attorney-client relationship is established. To ensure your online consent form is legally binding based on your location, industry, and specific circumstances, consult a legal professional in your area.

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