Online Waivers for US Polo Organizations

WaiverFile has partnered with US Polo to make managing your club's waivers faster and easier.

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Sign Waivers on Any Device

With WaiverFile you can collect electronic signatures anywhere!

Signing in advance saves check-in time. You can share the link to your waiver forms easily via email, SMS text message, or directly on your website! 

How to share your waiver form

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Parties, Events and Groups

WaiverFile stands alone when it comes to events and groups. It's hard to keep track of groups of customers and make sure everyone has their waiver signed. WaiverFile organizes participants by event making it easy to keep track of each group and ensure that everyone has completed their waiver.

Learn more about how WaiverFile makes managing parties and events easy

Electronic Signatures

Automatically Sync with Other Services

WaiverFile automatically synchronizes your data with the other services you use, such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, Zapier, and more! The names, email addresses and other data that you collect on your waiver forms can be automatically sent to the email marketing services that you already use. Learn what services we connect to

Sync with MailChimp, Constant Contact, More...

Special Offer for US Polo Member Organizations and Events

We are excited to offer discounted pricing plans for US Polo members. The following plans are annual plans so you can allot your waiver usage based on playing seasons rather than month to month. Start with our free trial for 30 days and then select a plan that works for you. Feel free to contact us for higher volume accounts or any questions you may have about our plans. 

USPolo - 1,000 Annual

$99 / year

  • 1000 waivers per year
  • Unlimited Total Storage
  • No Contract

USPolo - 2,500 Annual

$249 / year

  • 2500 waivers per year
  • Unlimited Total Storage
  • No Contract

USPolo - 5,000 Annual

$400 / year

  • 5000 waivers per year
  • Unlimited Total Storage
  • No Contract

USPolo - 7,500 Annual

$500 / year

  • 7500 waivers per year
  • Unlimited Total Storage
  • No Contract

USPolo - 15,000 Annual

$700 / year

  • 15000 waivers per year
  • Unlimited Total Storage
  • No Contract


Start Your Free Trial

No credit card required. No software to Install. 


Can I change plans later?

Of course! You can change your plan anytime. If you choose a higher plan, you'll only be charged the difference between the two plans. If you choose a lower plan, the change will take effect automatically at your next billing date.  


What happens to my waiver data if I cancel?

You can cancel anytime and we will keep your data available for 30 days so you can download it.


What happens if I go over my plan's limit?

As you get close to your limit, we will send an email to let you know. You can increase your plan anytime. If you exceed your plan's limit, your customers can continue to sign waivers and you will see a warning message in your site's admin area. If you decide not to increase your plan, additional waivers for each month are billed at $0.25 each.