How does WaiverFile ensure GDPR compliance?

WaiverFile policies and processes adhere to the rules of GDPR. Under European Union Global Data Privacy Regulation, our customers assume the role of a Data Controller.  WaiverFile assumes the role of a Data Processor.

A Data Controller (our customer’s role) is responsible for determining the purpose of why personal data is being captured and the way in which the data is captured.  Put simply, a Data Controller (our customer) is expected to decide what specific personal data elements must be captured, why they must be captured and for how long the data must be retained to meet business needs.

A Data Processor (our role) is responsible for securely capturing and storing the data and acting at the direction of the Data Controller to respond to data-related requests.  For example, when a consumer requests that WaiverFile anonymize their data, expunge their data or identify what personal data is stored, it is the Data Controller, our customer, that directs WaiverFile on how to act upon the request as well as responds to the consumer with the details.

For more information, review our Privacy Policy and Other Policies


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