How to Set Up and Optimize 10DLC SMS for Your Business

October 19, 2023

WaiverFile can help your business get registered and start utilizing the incredible benefits of 10DLC SMS marketing!

If your business isn’t already using 10DLC (10-digit-long-code) text messaging marketing methods, now is the time to start! WaiverFile is excited to offer 10DLC SMS text messaging marketing opportunities and help you set up your 10DLC by helping your business get registered and vetted.

What are 10DLC and A2P Messaging?

10DLC is a 10-digit long code messaging system that allows you to send SMS text messages from a local, regular number. You can send high-volume messages to your text messaging list from a local area code that they recognize and trust. This helps prevent your messages from just going to spam and being unopened. 

10DLC is also known as A2P (application-to-person) messaging. Previously, 10DLC options were only available for personal use, but now businesses can register and create their own local 10DLC number to build trust with and communicate effectively with their customers. 

The Benefits of 10DLC

One positive thing about your business using a 10DLC is that it enables businesses to have a higher throughput rate. The throughput rate is a way of measuring the messages per second a company is able to send.

Send and Receive Messages 

10DLC doesn’t just enable you to message customers, but customers can also respond to your messages. When an individual responds to your text message, it goes into the inbox on your WaiverFile system; and you can message back and forth there. On their end, it’ll still be through SMS. 

Trusted, Reliable, and Cost-Effective Number

One of the main reasons to use a 10DLC is that it is a trusted number for customers. When you use a real number with a local area code, customers are more likely to open it and read it, and the messages are less likely to go to spam. 

Using a 10DLC for A2P messaging is an incredibly reliable way to contact your customers. When you have a local area code, you can depend on quick and easy delivery of your message–straight into your customer’s hands!

You may be thinking that because 10DLC messaging has so many benefits, it is probably a more expensive alternative to short-code messaging. You’ll probably be surprised to learn that 10DLC messaging is actually a lot more cost-effective and affordable than short-code messaging.

Higher CTR (Click-Through Rate)

CTR (Click-Through Rate) is the method used to measure how successful your messages are. The click-through rate is how many people click on your ad or message and go through it.

Ideally, you want your customer or target audience to click through your ad and then follow the CTA (Call-To-Action) at the end. Your CTA is the goal of your message. Your message should lead up to a CTA, which is what you want your customer’s next steps to be. 

A good CTR depends on what channel you use. For example, Google Search, LinkedIn, Facebook Ads, and SMS messaging all have different CTRs that are considered “good.” 10DLC SMS messaging has a CTR of around 19%, while email has a CTR of 4%, and Facebook’s CTR is 1%. 

As you can see, SMS messaging is one of the most successful and effective tools you can use to get your message and brand into the hands of your current and future customers. 

Marketing Opportunities

One of the greatest benefits of 10DLC SMS text messaging is the many incredible potential marketing tactics it has to offer while requiring little work from you. You can automate a lot of these SMS marketing tactics on WaiverFile, saving you a lot of time and hassle. Some benefits you get through WaiverFile are:

Build a Valuable Text Message List

When customers sign a waiver form through WaiverFile, you can set it up so that a customer has to put in their phone number. Once they put in their phone number, it goes into your WaiverFile database. You probably already know how valuable an email marketing list is and that CTR averages around 4%. Just imagine how valuable an SMS text messaging list is, with a CTR of around 19%!

WaiverFile allows you to create SMS marketing campaigns, where you can segment your messages to specific target audiences. When you create a campaign, you can determine opt-ins and what types of messages you want to be sent when and to whom

Birthday Opportunities

An example of an SMS marketing opportunity is optimizing the birthday data you receive when your customers fill out a waiver, and creating marketing campaigns directed toward upcoming birthdays. 

For businesses that host events such as birthday parties, this is an especially valuable tool. You can automate SMS messages to send messages to parents whose kids’ birthdays are coming up and offer a discount if they book their birthday party with you. 

Keep in mind, the kids who come to the birthday party and participate in activities that require a waiver will then have their birthdays added to your database as well. This is an incredibly valuable, yet easy marketing tactic that keeps growing and benefitting your business. 

Automate Messages

Another benefit of SMS messaging is that you can automate different types of messages, saving you time. Messages such as confirmations, receipts, reminders, and discounts can be automated and scheduled. You can schedule these messages before or after an event or immediately upon their signing a waiver. 

For example, businesses such as salons or tattoo parlors can schedule an automated SMS text message with “after-care instructions” for their customers to receive once they finish their appointment. 

There are countless ways for your business to optimize automatic SMS text messages, no matter which industry you are in. 

How to Register and Verify Your Business

Carriers are now requiring all 10DLC numbers to be registered in order to cut down on spam numbers and messages. This is a good thing for businesses, as it will make business SMS text messaging a more trusted and effective source of marketing. 

However, registering and getting your business vetted for a 10DLC can be a lot of hassle and very time-consuming. The process can be complicated and demand a lot of your precious time, something business owners are always short on. 

WaiverFile can help your business set up your 10DLC SMS text messaging system and get it registered for you. 

WaiverFile Helps Set Up Your SMS A2P 10DLC Messaging

While registering and vetting your business can take several weeks, WaiverFile can process your business’s 10DLC with our service provider, making the entire process easy for you. Keep in mind, due to recent changes in regulations, current customers using 10DLC who haven’t already been vetted will have to be so as well.

We take care of the hard work on the back end, leaving you with more time to focus on more important things and making the process hassle-free for you! 

Start the easy process of setting up your profile here, and start optimizing all the incredible marketing benefits that 10DLC SMS text messaging has in store for you!

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