How to Disable Automatic WaiverFile Loop to Beginning

January 25, 2022

The standard behavior in WaiverFile after completing a waiver is to loop back to the beginning so another person can sign a waiver. You may wish to delay this or change the behavior entirely. There are a few ways to achieve this. 

1. Turn on the email or print buttons. 

There are options to offer email buttons and print buttons on the confirmation page. If either of these are turned on, the automatic redirect will be disabled. 

To enable the email button: 

  • Log into the dashboard and go to Customize >> Email Templates
  • Under the public signature area, select a template
  • Uncheck Auto-Send (If Auto-send is enabled, no button is shown, it just sends the email automatically)

To enable the print button: 

  • Log into the dashboard and go to Settings >> General Settings
  • Scroll down and under the Public signature area section, check the box "Offer Print Button"

2. Setup a custom confirmation page. 

In WaiverFile, you can create a custom confirmation page that appears after signing a waiver. This will override the standard page and disable the automatic redirect. 

To setup the custom confirmation page: 

  • Log into the dashboard and go to Waiver Forms
  • Under each form you want to set it up for, click Customize Labels
  • Select the Thank You - Default tab
  • Check the box, "Customize the Thank-You Screen"
  • An editor will appear. Fill in the content that you want to appear on the confirmation page. We recommend starting with a "Thank You" type message and any other details you need. Use the font and paragraph tools to make headings. You can also add links if needed. 
  • Below the editor you will see a series of codes that can be used to place special elements, such as the continue button (which goes back to the beginning), email button, etc. 
  • Click save at the bottom


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