How to Use Multiple Waiver Forms

Setting Up Multiple Digital Waiver Forms in WaiverFile

WaiverFile includes support for multiple waiver forms. There are many scenarios that may require that you have either different versions of a waiver form, or even completely different agreements. You may also want to collect different information from customers depending on what event they are attending, or what activity they are participating in. To set this up, you can create additional Waiver Forms in your WaiverFile admin panel. Here’s how:

First, log into your WaiverFile admin panel. To get there, go to (replacing “yoursite” with your custom website URL. Once there, log in using your email address and password. If you’ve forgotten your password, just click on the “forgot password” link to generate a new password.

Once logged in, go to Settings >> Waiver Forms.

You should have at least one waiver form already. You can edit this one, or create another one by clicking on the New Waiver Form button on the top-right.

Complete the new form wizard to set up all the options for this Waiver Form. One of the options on the first screen is to “Include in General Admission”. When checked, this will offer the new Waiver Form to all general admission customers. If you have more than one Waiver Form with this option enabled, customers will be presented with a choice of forms after clicking on “General Admission”.

On the next screen, you can create custom questions. There is no limit to the number of questions you ask for, however for simplicity and ease of use, we recommend keeping the number of fields to a minimum. The more form fields you have, the longer it will take customers to complete the form. Of course, it is valuable to collect certain types of information, so the balance of easy to use vs data will be up to you!

On the third and final screen, you will enter the agreement text for your waiver form. This can be the same or different depending on your needs. If you wish to make it the same as an existing form, you can edit that form, copy and paste the text into the new one.

Once you have saved the form, you will see it appear in the list. There are links to edit each section of the form if you need to make changes. Additionally, you can disable forms and re-enable them by changing their status under the General Settings link for that form.

Different Waiver Forms for Events

The other way to leverage multiple waiver form support is with events. WaiverFile has an intelligently designed workflow for event management. When you create each event, you will have a selection of all your active waiver forms. You can enable or disable whichever forms are relevant for each particular event. As with general admission, if you have more than one waiver form selected for an event, customers will be asked which form they would like to fill out.


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