How to Use WaiverFile

How to Generate QR Codes for Your Waiver Form

WaiverFile makes it easy to generate a printable QR Code for your Waiver Forms. Learn more about how to create them here. 
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Organizing Waivers Signed in Advance

WaiverFile includes a feature that helps organize customers who are signing in advance of their arrival. Since WaiverFile lets customers sign from any device, including their home computer, tablet,...
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How to Customize Columns and More in your Waiver Dashboard

WaiverFile’s admin dashboard is where you can see incoming waivers at a glance. The dashboard is highly configurable. In this article, we’ll go over the changes you can make and the features that are...
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How Electronic Waivers Can Streamline Your Business

If your business requires liability release waivers from customers, then you already know how cumbersome getting them all signed can be. As customers arrive, they need to spend time filling out the...
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Use WaiverFile Reports to Review and Export Customer Data

WaiverFile includes a powerful reporting tool that will let you find the data you are looking for quickly, and export it for use in other applications. In this article we will show how these featur...
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WaiverFile Check-In Dashboard

The check-in dashboard allows you to keep track of who has arrived for an event or for general admission. When you have check-in mode enabled, you will see a checkbox next to the name of each parti...
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How to Use Multiple Waiver Forms

WaiverFile includes support for multiple waiver forms. There are many scenarios that may require that you have either different versions of a waiver form, or even completely different agreements. You...
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Will I be able to send a link to my customers?

Yes. When you sign up, you will receive your own WaiverFile url, (e.g. You can send this address to customers to sign waivers remotely, or set it up on a mobile device or ...
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