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WaiverFile lets your customers sign their release waivers from a computer, tablet or mobile device. From your website or at a kiosk, completing the forms is quick and easy.

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Online Waivers: Sign on Any Device

WaiverFile is an electronic waiver form system that will let your customers sign their release waivers from a computer, tablet or mobile device. Customers can go to your website to sign in advance, or you can use a computer or tablet at your location as a waiver entry station.

While WaiverFile’s feature-set is robust, it’s designed to be incredibly easy to use. The waiver form is clean and easy to follow. Customers enter their details, agree, and they’re done. The waiver form is designed to be flexible so it will look great on any device; computer, tablet or mobile phone.

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Electronic Waivers on iPhone and iPad

Organize waivers by events and parties

Parties, Groups and Events: Organized

WaiverFile's events feature organizes signed waivers together so you don't need to search through the entire list to quickly confirm that waivers have been signed. Invite event managers to send the direct link to participants and log in to see a list of attendees. Use the check-in features to keep an accurate headcount of people who attended. And much more!

How it Works

SMS Text Messaging

WaiverFile has an optional text messaging service that can quickly build a list of customer phone numbers by collecting the information as part of your waiver. Send automatic sms text messages after signing or based on other factors such as event dates, birthdays, and more! 

SMS Features

Automatic SMS Text Messaging

Faster entry with the WaiverScan app

Fast Check-In with WaiverScan

Speed up your entry flow with WaiverFile's innovative WaiverScan app for iOS and Android devices. WaiverScan expedites entry by scanning confirmation codes, eliminating the need to search for names.

How it Works

Sync customer data with your other services

WaiverFile makes it easy to synchronize the customer data you collect with your email marketing or CRM service. With just a few clicks, you can connect WaiverFile to the following services and data will be automatically synchronized.

Secure Storage

At WaiverFile, we take your security and privacy seriously. Our security measures ensure that your data is safe and secure. We use the latest security and encryption technology combined with security policies and procedures to protect your personal information. Choose WaiverFile for a secure and reliable waiver management solution.

Security and Privacy

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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Blue Mountain

The fact that group leaders can log in and view who has completed a waiver for their group is a game changer when we are dealing with hundreds of required forms a day. Incredible!

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YMCA - Boothbay Region

Just what we needed! Waiverfile allowed us to use a system that didn't require very much staff time, but provided a seamless process. The price was reasonable and my sales representative was very knowledgeable and made the process simple. Thanks!

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Escape Hunt - Houston

Until I started using WaiverFile, every other system I considered always involved some sort of compromise. With WaiverFile, I have what I exactly need.

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X-treme Challenge Arena

The customer service at WaiverFile is extraordinary. Before finding WaiverFile it was very tedious for my staff to organize 100 kids into the same check in time. This has reduced my labor cost and increased efficiency.

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Brenda Reed, Director of Training
Rope Works Inc.

The customer service at WaiverFile is impeccable. Any help with setting up the waiver system to fine tuning what works best for our company has been managed with enthusiasm and expedited service.

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Tony Simonetti
Simonetti Training

I am totally satisfied with WaiverFile. Clients tell me that the process is quick and easy and I can tell you it saves me time and the hassle of paperwork at my events.

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