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In exchange for participation in the activities of Zana Aerial Dance Academy I agree, for myself and/or any dependents I am signing for, to the following:


1.       I agree to observe and obey all rules, warnings and instructions from the staff of Zana Aerial Dance Academy whether written or verbal.


2.       I recognise that there are inherent risks involved in the activities of Zana Aerial Dance Academy. These risks include but are not limited to, silk burns, bruising, sprains, strains, muscle soreness, dislocations, fractures and breaks. I hereby assume all responsibility for injury, disablement or death to myself and/or any dependents I am signing for. I release and discharge Zana Aerial Dance Academy, its staff and associates for injury, disablement or death resulting from participation in Zana Aerial Dance Academy whether caused by the fault of myself, my dependent/s, Zana Aerial Dance Academy or other third party. 

3.       I declare that I am medically fit to participate in Zana Aerial Dance Academy activities and will make known any physical or mental limitations that may affect my safety or that of others while I am participating in Zana Aerial Dance Academy’s activities.


4.       I agree to pay for all damages to the facilities and/or equipment of Zana Aerial Dance academy caused by my, or my dependent/s’ negligent, reckless or wilful actions.


5.   I acknowledge that what I am learning at Zana is for my own information only, I am not being trained to be an instructor. I will not take the skills I learn at Zana into another studio or group as all or part of a qualification to instruct. I will not use the Zana curriculum to inform lessons I teach with another studio or group, while a student at Zana or after leaving Zana.


6.  I accept that despite precautions a risk remains that I or my dependant may contract an infectious disease, such as and including Covid-19, due to my or my dependant’s attendance at Zana Aerial Dance Academy. I accept responsibility for any infection and/or related issues that may arise from my or my child’s attendance at Zana Aerial Dance Academy. I hereby declare that I have read and understand the updated rules for conduct while attending a class at Zana Aerial Dance Academy. I agree to follow these rules and act in a way conducive to the safety of all. If signing on behalf of an underage person I have explained these rules to them and they have agreed to abide by them.


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Please include the name and phone number of your emergency contact.

New rules Follow these steps to make sure that everyone stays safe and classes run smoothly! 1. Self-assess: Are you feeling unwell? Have you had any symptoms that could be Covid-19/flu/cold? Is anyone in your household, or that you otherwise share germs with, unwell with Covid-19/cold/flu like symptoms? If yes (or you have anything else that might be contagious!) please stay at home. 2. Pack: Make sure that you have; i. A yoga mat, towel or blanket (for warm up and cool down) ii. A cleaning towel (handtowel size) iii. A sweat towel (if you need) iv. Your drink bottle (We will not have the communal water dispenser out at this time) v. Any grip aids that you need, including; dry hands, tac, dew point, chalk and rosin. 3. Make sure that you and your clothes are clean. Choose shoes that will slip off easily. 4. The bathrooms will be open at the studio but please be mindful that the less we use shared areas the better. 5. Remove jewelry, watches etc. before entering the studio. 6. When you arrive at the studio stay in your car until it is time to enter for your lesson (5-10mins before your class begins). 7. When it’s your turn to enter, go through the front door, take off your shoes, then disinfect your hands. 8. The instructor will mark you on the roll and assign you your apparatus for the class. 9. During class remain in your assigned spot, do not touch any other apparatuses and ensure you heed relevant social distancing guidelines. 10. At the end of class, you will use your cleaning cloth (we will provide methylated spirits) to give your area a primary clean as directed by your instructor.

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