In order to fulfill the Warrior Ranch Foundation mission of rescuing, re-training, and adopting horses, Warrior Ranch Foundation only accepts (and shelters) physically sound horses. The veterinary health records must be presented at the time of transfer. 

If the horse is lame or misrepresented, Warrior Ranch Foundation will have the option to return the horse within a 30-day period.

By filling in and signing this form you are stating the all information is accurate and the horse is physically sound. You agree that Warrior Ranch Foundation now has ownership of the horse. 


Parent / Guardian Information

Current coggins and all health records must be up to date and presented at the time of transfer.

Good with floating

Please check all that apply

Please check all that apply

Does horse stand quietly for farrier? Does horse have shoes or are they barefoot?

Please check all that appy

Please check all that apply

You are considering surrendering your horse to Warrior Ranch Foundation. Are you willing to provide shipping of the horse to the Ranch?

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I certify that my answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I authorize a background check through National Center for Safety Initiatives