Media Release

Personal Grant, Covenant Not to Sue, and Release


The undersigned individual (“GRANTOR”) herby grants to Warrior Ranch Foundation, Inc., a New York non-profit corporation (“FOUNDATION”), and its successors, licensees and assigns, the perpetual and irrevocable right to use GRANTOR’s name, photograph, image, video image, likeness, voice, biography, and personal history, in any media format know known or hereafter devised, throughout the universe, for any purpose in furtherance of the Foundation’s mission, including but not limited to advertising and/or promoting the Foundation, its programs, and/or its fund-raising efforts on the internet, in print, in documentary(ies), and on television.


This grant includes the right to make changes and creative choices as the Foundation may decide in its sole discretion.


The GRANTOR further (i) agrees not to bring any action or claim against the Foundation, or its successors, licensees, or assigns, or to allow others to bring such an action or claim, based on any exercise(s) of any right granted by GRANTOR to the Foundation; and (ii) releases the Foundation, its successors, licensees and assigns, from any and all such actions or claims that the undersigned may have now or in the future.


GRANTOR warrants that (a) he/she is authorized to grant these rights and make these promises, and (b) no rights of any third party will be violated by the Foundation’s exercise of the rights granted hereunder or use of any material supplied by GRANTOR to the Foundation.

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