Liability Release

Release and Hold Harmless Agreement


1.     I, the undersigned (the “Participant”), in consideration of being allowed to participate in Activities (as defined in Paragraph 2 below), hereby agree to the terms of this Release and Hold Harmless Agreement with Warrior Ranch Foundation, Inc. (the “Foundation”). I have read and understand, and freely and voluntarily enter into this Release and Hold Harmless Agreement understanding that this Release and Hold Harmless Agreement is a waiver of any and all liability(ies).


2.     I acknowledge and understand that the activities I voluntarily choose to participate in at the Warrior Ranch, which may include mounting, dismounting, riding, walking, boarding, feeding, grooming, and/or training a horse or horses, and being near a horse or horses (including but not limited to in the barn, paddock, trails, and/or horse ring) (collectively, the “Activities”) are potentially hazardous, may be dangerous to me, and may result in personal injury (including possibly death) and property damage. Understanding those risks, I voluntarily choose to participate in Activities at Warrior Ranch at my own risk.


3.     I hereby release the Foundation, its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, contractors, equine professionals, agents, volunteers, and anyone else directly or indirectly connected with the Foundation (collectively the “Released Persons”) from any liability whatsoever in the event of injury or damage of any nature (or perhaps even death) to me or anyone else caused by or incidental to my participation in any of the Activities.


4.     I understand, recognize, and warrant that this Release and Hold Harmless Agreement is being voluntarily and intentionally signed and agreed to by me, and that this Release and Hold Harmless Agreement will limit the liability of the Released Persons for my death, personal injury and/or damage to property.


5.     I recognize and agree that I know which equine professional(s) I will be working with, and acknowledge that I agree said equine professional(s) has/have made reasonable and prudent efforts to determine my ability to engage in the equine activity, and has/have sufficient knowledge of my equine and horseback riding skills as to relieve, release and hold harmless said equine professional(s) from any continuing duty to monitor my equine activities.


6.     I further voluntarily agree and warrant to Release and Hold Harmless this (these) equine professional(s) from any liability whatsoever, including, but not limited to, any incident caused by or related to said equine professional’s (s’) negligence, relating to injuries known, unknown, or otherwise not herein disclosed; including, but not limited to, physical injury, death, or property damage from the Activities.

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