Extended Horse Training Waiver

I have hired Simonetti Training Corp. to train my horse and assist me with understanding natural communication with horses.  

I understand and agree that working with, riding, or being in the presence of horses poses an inherent risk to myself and my horse and I agree to assume sole and entire responsibility for and shall indemnify and hold harmless Simonetti Training Corp. , employees and agents from any and all claim, liability, responsibility and damage, or any costs or expenses in the event of injury to myself or my horse which occurs during or after service is rendered.

I understand and agree that the training techniques and theories used and taught by Simonetti Training Corp.  are strictly the opinion of the agents and principals and it is my responsibility to use my own judgment before, during and after to determine the level of risk of injury to myself or my horse and whether I want to continue with the use of these techniques and theories now or in the future.

I will fully inspect the stall and turnout designated for my horse during his/her stay in will only leave horse for training if I am satisfied and have found these areas to be 100 % safe and acceptable.  I agree to pay all expenses associated with the keeping of this horse during the time of its stay.   I hold harmless Simonetti Training Corp.,  employees,  and agents from any and all claim, liability, responsibility and damage, or any cost or expenses in the event my horse hurts himself or becomes ill during his stay.  

I will supply Simonetti Training corp.  with the name and contact information of my chosen veterinarian and I authorize Simonetti Training Corp. to  contact and have the above veterinarian respond to care for my horse in the event it is determined necessary by  a representative of Simonetti Training Corp.   I agree to pay any and all veterinarian bills related to any care rendered by veterinarian.

I understand and agree that upon completion of the time designated for my horse’s stay I am to have the horse removed from the property on that date.  In the event I do not have the horse removed from the property on that date an additional charge will be due and payable upon the removal of the horses in the amount of $100.00 per day for each day of the horses stay after the designated training completion date.  I understand that this fee must be paid in Cash, the horse will not be released until bill has been paid, and fees will continue to accrue until above conditions are met.                                

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